Grand Rapids Beer and Beaches

grand rapids beer beaches

Grand Rapids Beer and Beaches | Scrolling down the Nomadlist makes you wonder: Aren’t there any other places cheap and good than locations in Thailand? 5 of 10 such good and cheap tourist hot spots are destinations in Thailand. That’s 50%. If checking the top 5 only, it will even be 90% = 4 spots:

New York City Tourist Scam

new york street dancers scam

New York City Tourist Scam | Due to high cost of living New Yorkers are forced to be an ingenious bunch to survive. Everyone is on a hustle. If there is money to be made, someone is already making it. Primary target: tourists. We all know that visiting New York City is expensive enough. Tourists

Cool Places in Amsterdam

Cool Places Amsterdam

Cool Places in Amsterdam | Chili and Churp have been visiting Amsterdam for the first time in 2007, coming back very other year since then. A decade ago we thought it couldn’t possibly happen: Amsterdam can’t live up to the hype. We were veeery very wrong. Amsterdam is one of the most beautiful cities on

The Rock of Guatape

guatape rock

The Rock of Guatape (La Piedra Del Penol) | Looking for a nice underrated tourist destination? Try the area around Guatape in Colombia. It’s kind of remote up in the mountains, close to georgeous lakes and near to a fancy looking stone: the Rock of Guatape – South Americas famous monolith. Composed of quartz, feldspar

Verona not yet crushed by tourists

Verona not yet crushed tourists

Verona not yet crushed by tourists | With places such as Venice, Florence or Rome being literally overrun by tourists, Italy’s government is currently studying a strategic plan for tourism with the aim of reducing the overcrowding of its most popular places and offering alternative destinations. Because in 2016 things simply went too far. In 2016