Paris Erotic within Limits

Paris erotic within limits

Paris erotic within limits | Famous for being the world’s #1 city of romance, Paris for sure has a naughty side to offer. And we are not talking about cheap brothels but legitimate erotic experiences with style and taste. What first comes to mind is most likely the French Cabaret at Molin Rouge – inventor of the Can-Can Dance. But there is more: fake sandy beaches at the River Seine in summer, sex supermarkets of another kind, naughty Paris tours for ladies only, love hotels, erotic museums etc. But let’s start our erotic Paris guide with the classic: Molin Rouge.

Paris Erotic within Limits

Infamous Molin Rouge | Molin Rouge is a cabaret location in Paris. It was founded in 1889. The original establisment burned down in 1915. Close to Mont Martre in Quartier Pigalle (Boulevard de Clichy), it is marked by the well-known red windmill on its roof. The closest metro station is Blanche. Moulin Rouge was the spiritual birthplace of can-can dance. Originally introduced as a seductive dance by courtesans who operated from the site, this dance evolved into an entertainment category of its own. It led to the spreading of cabarets across Western Europe. Today Moulin Rouge is a tourist attraction, offering erotic musical dance entertainment. The club’s decor still contains much of the romance of fin de siècle France.

Paris Erotic within Limits: Molin Rouge
Paris erotic within limits: Molin Rouge

Naughty Paris Tour | For ladies only! If you are planning an erotic girlfriends vacation in Paris, try “Naughty Paris – A Lady’s Guide to the Sexy City”. The tour offers a free guide to sexy Paris and introduces you to fun and sexy entertainment in the French capital, such as sensual Burlesque Boulevard striptease show at the trendy Le Lup lounge bar and absinthe tasting night at the sexy Curio Parlor. The Naughty Paris guide team also sets up private parties, as well as customized Paris Tours for ladies only that take you to places loaded with erotic atmosphere, hot clubs, cabarets, bars and restaurants, pole-dancing lessons, erotic art exhibitions, chic lingerie shops and fetish boutiques.

Paris Erotic within Limits: Molin Rouge
Flash it! Underwear Dance On Streets of Paris. Women in their underwear dance during a flash-mob named “Beautiful Naked” (Belle toute nue), organised by French TV Statioin M6 near the Seine river in Paris, March 23, 2011. Read more: HERE

Book a French Cabaret show | Paris erotic within Limits definitely means Cabaret! These special shows are amongst the most popular attractions in Paris, and not just at Molin Rouge! If you are looking for the sexiest revue in Paris, spend the evening at the Crazy Horse, which has been entertaining the libido driven mob with its nude shows for over 50 years. But of course you can also book a dinner-revue at the world-famous Moulin Rouge and enjoy a French can-can show in the Pigalle sex district. The streets in Pigalle are well known for hosting strip clubs and peep shows. Other great cabarets in Paris are the Lido on Champs Elysées, the very Parisian Paradis Latin, La Nouvelle Eve music-hall, the Brasil Tropical revue, Folies Bergères and Bobin theater in Montparnasse.

Paris Erotic within Limits fake beach in Paris Seine river
Fake beach in Paris at the Seine river.

Love Accomodation: Hotel Amour | Paris’ Hotel Amour is stuffed with phallic and erotic items. Inspired by those Japanese love hotels for some quick fun, the owners of Hotel Amour have invested a decent amount of money in developing a stylish love concept. Among others they hired the services of fashion designer Chantal Thomass to design certain rooms, that make sure to get guests in the right love-making mood. Situated in Quartier Pigalle – known among tourists for its sex shops and adult theaters – Hotel Amour is just a 10-minute walk from Moulin Rouge.

Paris Erotic within Limits paris hotel amour
Paris erotic within limits: Hotel Amour, premium suite.

Erotic Museum of Paris | Located just before the Molin Rouge, in the famous sin-soaked Quartier Pigalle, the Paris Museum of Eroticism houses a private collection of erotic artworks and temporary art exhibits. The owners: Alain Plumy and Joseph Khalif. They collected some saucy, funny and awkward exhibits from around the world. It’s a legitimate collection in spite of the tricky topic. Amongst the numerous joyful artifacts illustrating pleasure and lust, visitors will face sacred sex art items, sex comics, contemporary erotic art, all kinds of sex education books, fetish photos and rare pictures of brothels. Even chastity belts and anal jewelry will be on display.

Musée de l’Erotisme | 72, Blvd de Clichy, Paris, 18th Arrondisment | Open 7 days a week from 10am to 2am

Paris Erotic Museum Erotic within Limits
Paris Erotic Museum – erotic within limits.

Sex Supermarket | For more naughty fun in Paris, simply go shopping at a Supermarché de Charme Concorde. The Concorde supermarkets are pretty large-scale sex shops offering 10.000+ different items for special moments. Here nobody cares if you are straight or gay. Let your eyes scan  all those adult magazines, erotic movies, sex toys,  aphrodisiacs,  sexy lingerie, fetish shoes and hot accessories. Special offer: these sex stores in Paris feature modern private projection booths where clients can watch more than 2500 adult movies of all kinds.

Supermarchés de Charme Concorde are open from Monday – Saturday, 11am – 8pm, and located at:

-> 7 Bd Magenta – Paris 10th
-> 6 Rue Dahomey – Paris 11th
-> 117 Bd de l’Hôpital – Paris 13rd
-> 179 Bd Lefebvre – Paris 15th

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Travel the World with $100 per Day

Travel the world with $100 per day | You already made up your mind. You have an rough idea where to go and what to do. Now it is time to think about your travel budget. The internet gives you an astonishing variety of examples. Nathan and Danica Reid did live from $1 per day in Nepal, Matt Kepnes published a book about “How to Travel the World on $50 a Day”. We target an average of $100 per day. Why $100? Because life is too short. We need some basic comfort to enjoy our trip. Based on our research, we settled at $100 per day travel budget. This would allow us to travel without having to stay in youth hostels, or on camping grounds, eating instant noodles all the time. We prefer to stay in apartments or guesthouses and eat at restaurants from time to time. But even with $100 all this is still out of range: any kind of fancy fine dining, guided adventure tours, shopping, spa days. $50 per day wouldn’t cut it, $150 was a bit too much for our wallets. Here are our suggestions …

Travel the world with $100 per day – some budget suggestions

Travel world 100 per day.
Travel the world with $100 per day.

1: Copy what other people have done. Many travelers, have shared their travel budgets online. Shannon at A Little Adrift traveled for a year solo for just under $18,000. Akila and Patrick –  The Road Forks – spent $66,000 for just over a year of travel. BootsnAll compares 11 different RTW budgets. Jodi at Legal Nomads provides excellent budgeting advice including a long list of links to other bloggers’ budgets.

2: Research cost estimates for your region. Usually the flight booking comes first, followed by accomodation. Last not least you will face daily cost for food and fun. Find out what to expect along your trip. Rolf Potts’s book Vagabonding, provides cost ranges for different world regions and breaks them down according to different travel styles. Lonely Planet offers regional and specific country estimates. Travel Independent has information geared specifically toward budget travelers.

3: Check accommodation prices long in advance. This one is really worth the work. If booked early, accomodation can be the key factor that determines your budget. Get real-time prices since they change depending on season, holidays, and currency rates. There are Couchsurfing, AirBnB,, Trip Advisor, Agoda, Kayak and many others waiting for a chance to serve you.

4: Collect points. An effective way to save on travel is by using a credit card that gives you miles or other travel rewards every time you spend money.

5: Reduce costs by travelling less. Pick a destination and plan to spend five days there instead of just 3 before moving on. Less is more :)

6: Avoid the high season under all circumstances. Being an off-season traveler means, you simply get more for your money. And you will avoid tourist crowds.

7: Save on slimy currency exchange rates and ridiculous credit card fees. Pay as much as you can in advance via debit card or via a credit card. That at least helps you collecting points. Nowadays even train rides and tickets for museums can be booked and paid online in advance. For most other items such as gasoline, food, souvenirs pay with cash but use a bank that charges low rates for international ATM transactions. When using a credit card, use a card with low international fees, and make sure your transactions are charged in the local currency. Then smile on your way back to the hotel and feel very smart for avoiding unnecessary expense.

8: You don’t need too much insurance. Travel light and don’t bring super expensive items. Make sure you got health insurance. That will do it.

9. Travel smart. Examples:

-> Don’t stay over night in Venice to visit the floating city, but in Verona (1 hour west of Venice). Drive to Venice early in the morning to avoid jams at the parking house. Explore Venice the entire day before driving back to Verona. Instead of hiring a private Gondola, use Vaporettos, that’s Venice’ public water taxi service.

-> Instead of booking a $20 boat trip to the Statue of Liberty in New York City, take the free Staten Island ferry from and to Manhattan. This way you will pass by the Statue twice. Enough to take that mandatory ‘been-there-done-that’ snapshot. You can tick this one off your bucket list without spending a dime.

-> Visit the Louvre in Paris on the first Sunday of a month. It will be free. But you better line up there early.

-> Under all circumstances get an Oyster Card in London. It will roughly save you 50% of each ride you take with London’s public transport.

-> Instead of paying silly money at the airport to reach the city center of Barcelona, use the T10 ticket. It will only cost you 8 Euros and gives you 10 rides. Your first one might be from the airport to your hotel.

-> When looking for the Great Wall near Beijing, give your wallet a break. Take a regular bus (#867) near Dongzhimen Station to the Great Wall of Mutianyu, 65km to the north of Beijing city.

-> Vienna Ring Tram: Some tram or bus lines will allow you to reach most of the tourist attractions in a city for a fraction of what you pay for hopping on a guided sightseeing tour. The only thing missing is the guide. Example: Explore Vienna’s ceremonial boulevard via Ring Tram! Vienna’s wonderful sights such as the Vienna State Opera, Imperial Palace, Parliament, City Hall are in easy reach with the Vienna Ring Tram. It departs on a lap of the Ring every 30 minutes from Schwedenplatz. You can get to know Vienna’s wonderful boulevard, the Ringstrasse around the Old City, in comfort all year round, from 10.00am to 5.30pm.

Travel world 100 per day.
Travel world 100 per day

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7 Reasons Why Frequent Travelers Are More Successful

7 Reasons Why Frequent Travelers Are More Successful | Today’s article gives you 7 reasons why frequent travelers are more successful than couch potatoes.

Frequent Travelers accept other cultures

(1) Frequent travelers – especially when visiting developing countries – are always meeting new interesting people. They become good at learning about different cultures. Curiosity kicks in; the desire to learn about these “strange” places they visit. This inspires conversations that help travelers understand and accept the person and the culture on a deeper level. They make friends. This growing acceptance of another culture / another view on things, helps to act smart at home.

Frequent Travelers know how to thrive outside the comfort zone

(2) Frequent travelers are much more often in unfamiliar situations than couch potatoes. They must work through the unknown. By facing countless new experiences they learn valuable lessons. They copy strategies that helped them shoulder uncertainty. They remain calm and effective in situations where average people loose their balance. This is a key skill for success in both business and leading people.

Frequent Travelers embrace change

(3) After you made this experience a few times, it becomes a drug: Frequent travelers are constantly looking for change, for new and different things, simply to avoid boredom. In business this attitude is very welcome in a fast pacing environment. The ability to adopt to necessary changes is of a very high value for success. Frequent travelers are able think innovative and are more creative.

Frequent Travelers are able to listen

(4) People who travel a lot, listen a lot. They need to adopt to new situations. So the better listen and learn. On the road learning never stops. The same is true for doing business. If you are not able to listen and learn, your once successful business will for sure go down hard and fast.

Frequent Travelers manage their emotions

(5) Frequent travelers regularly experience varying levels of stress. Unpunctual pickup services, tight flight connections, interrogations by border police, naiggling taxi drivers, rip-off attempts, ignorant hotel staff … all that would normally make adrenaline kicking into your blood stream real fast. It can cause some intense over-reactions at the hotel counter. Frequent travelers did already learn that -> see no. 1. They embrace the ability to manage emotions. They remain calm under pressure developing keen self-awareness. Being self-aware increases your productivity by at least another 100% if not even more.

Frequent Travelers have a higher trust level

(6) While others continue to stay under pressure, frequent travelers have already found sleep, because they don’t always need to be in control. They accept to rely on other people. They had to learn that by dealing with language barriers, strange looking taxi drivers in cities far away from home. They did depend on the kindness of complete strangers. This ability to trust helps them build new relationships – not just in business.

Frequent Travelers manage fear and take action

(7) Frequent travelers know when it’s time to take action. Thru the experience of traveling a lot they had been put in situations where there was no turning back. It made them face fears and take action despite that fear.

These are 7 reasons why frequent travelers are more successful. By willingly going thru all this hardship, frequent travelers have developed the ability to recognize and seize opportunities earlier. Experiences and additional knowledge helps them to improve, to judge, to negotiate better, to lead in a cooperative style.

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The Downside of Traveling alone when you are young

The Downside of Traveling alone when you are young | This post is about the realities of travel no-one wants to talk about. Those of you traveling young and alone with the experience of waiting in an hour-long queue at the Louvre in Paris or at Universal Studios in Singapore, know better. You end up on a wrong bus, asking for help in a country where everybody speaks Kiswahili. Your wallet gets stolen, you feel homesick. You fail to enjoy tourist hotspots because of being overrun by other tourists -> Greetings from Rialto Bridge …

Ireland mount-croagh-patrick-overcrowded
Ireland: An overcrowded Mount Croagh Patrick. This was not what you expected to get.

There are quite a few disappointments waiting for you each time you pack your bag: forgetting things, losing things, sore legs from walking, exhaustion, and last not least the question “Why am I doing this?” At this point of your journey you will spend an entire day in Amsterdam watching Netflix and resting. And later you will feel ashamed to tell anybody about it. Or if you are lucky the internet is not working in your overpriced Airbnb apartment. Means: no need to post any happy selfie in front of a monument.

The Downside of Traveling when you are young and alone
Downside traveling alone young

As for the days that you feel guilty not having done anything “touristy”: resting was your way to make the most of your trip, because you needed to be restored and energized to tackle the day after. As a result of all these disappointments you discovered that there was no right or wrong way. There are always thousands of ways but you can only choose one. You did choose one and went ahead. Looking back you might be thankful you did. Because it helped you growing. Still, travelling with the right soulmate is an alternative worth taking into consideration :)

Instead of traveling alone: travel with your soulmate:)

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Why do we travel

Why do we travel? | Sure, tourism helps economies. Several countries benefit in large parts from tourism in an economic context. But that’s not the reason for you to pack your bag and ride into the unknown. There have been 999 million international tourist arrivals counted last year. We didn’t ask all of those tourists about the reasons for their journeys. But those we asked had this to say:

Why do we travel
Why do we travel?


#1: To see new places.  A combination of curiosity and the expectation of having wow moments drives us out the door straight to the next airport.

#2: To relax from stress.  The urge to flee from work or even from the daily grind at home came in as second highest entry in our list.

#3: for adventures.  Especially the younger explorers named this as their main reason for a vacation. Rock climbing, scuba diving, surfing, bungee jumping, snow boarding … any kind of adrenalin enhancing activity is fine.

#4: for party.  The next five reasons did cross the line kind of together. Each got roughly 5% of the pie. Again it was the younger folks in need of parties to make a journey worth taking.

#5: for fucking.  Yeap. For many man and some women that’s a legit reason to buy an airline ticket and relax abroad. Preferred destinations: Thailand, Brazil, Kenya, Philippines, Dominican Republic. But it doesn’t end there. Almost every country has a place reserved for this kind of tourist.

#6: for gambling.  Las Vegas is the idol. But other tourist destinations catch up and get a fair share: Macau, Monaco, Reno, even Singapore.

#7: for food.  Satisfying your taste buds can be a valid reason that drives you to far-away places. High on the foody-travelers list are: San Francisco, Montreal, Singapore, Paris – the ‘melting pot’ places.

#8: to learn a foreign language.  Last not least this one might surprise you. But quite a few travellers use vacations to improve their language skills.

Conclusion: Each of us might travel for different reasons but generally the majority of those reasons listed is centered around the idea of experiencing new things and relax.

Why do we travel. By Chili and Churp | © International Destinations | more Travel News here.