Limits of Good Taste

limits good taste

Limits of Good Taste | We all like the food we grew up with. Our taste buds are used to it. But personal limits of ‘good’ taste are sometimes reached when traveling into far-away countries. In Kenya the Masai want to make you drink blood’n’milk smoothies from cattle, in Australia’s outback you got to eat kangaroo tail,

Why would I travel to Singapore

Why would I travel to Singapore

Why would I travel to Singapore? It has never been easy to push Singapore into a top position on the tourist map. Too hot, not much nature, a dirty ocean because of too many ships, almost no historic architecture, no drugs, no chewing gums. But similar to Frankfurt, Dubai or Hongkong, Singapore is one of

Tourism in Albania

Tourism Albania

Tourism in Albania | Some things you can’t simply force by making up fake facts. Albania was recently mentioned as top destination by various high ranking media sources: New York Times, Huffington Post, Lonely Planet. But the truth is: things do not really go as planned in the Albanian tourist sector. The good news: Albania

Volcano Boarding in Nicaragua

volcano boarding nicaragua

Volcano Boarding in Nicaragua | If you want to look like a Guantanamo inmate speeding down a volcano on a sled, climb up the Cerro Negro in Nicaragua. This volcano is just 160 years old and primarily made of small grains of black rock. It last erupted in 1999. Cerro Negro measures just 728m. The

Germanys Stereotype Tourist Photos

Germany lederhosen

Germanys Stereotype Tourist Photos | Germany in the eyes of an overseas tourist means: playing football, eating Sauerkraut, drinking beer, driving German cars, dressing in Dirndls and Lederhosen, listening to Rammstein or Kraftwerk and looking grumpy. International tourists prefer to collect their proof of evidence in the Bavarian countryside and maybe up to a small

Australia’s most photographed tourist attractions

Australias most photographed tourist attractions

Australias most photographed tourist attractions | Due to their remoteness not all truly awesome places in Downunder make it into this top-10-list. Meaning, these top 10 sites listed here are not necessarily Australia’s most beautiful but most photographed spots: Opera House, Sydney It is Australias most photographed site! Mention “Sydney” and most people think of