10 overrated Tourist Attractions

10 overrated tourist attractions | We call them ‘tourist traps’: heavily advertised but mostly overpriced unattractive places. Hyped for whatever reason they turn you down right from the moment you set foot on it.

1: Times Square, New York City (USA)

10 overrated tourist attractions
Times Square in New York City is probably the most overrated tourist trap in an already overrated location.

10 overrated Tourist Attractions: Times Square in NYC. Let’s delete this one from your bucket list right away. Congratulations! You successfully avoided another crowded intersection with too many neon lights.

2: Blarney Stone (Ireland)

10 overrated tourist attractions
10 overrated Tourist Attractions: Blarney Castle parapet and hole.

Some twisted Irish tradition says, kissing the Blarney Stone with your head upside down will endow you with the gift of gab and flattery. And this is the price to pay: you will be waiting longtime in line to lock lips with a wall that is covered in the saliva of millions who came before you :D

3: Nanjing Dong Lu Shopping Street, Shanghai (China)

10 overrated tourist attractions shanghai
Nanjing Dong Lu Shopping Street, Shanghai. Any backdoor mall in Malaysia is better than this one.

What a waste of time! Nanjing Dong Lu Shopping Street is often described the best shopping street in China. Empty words. Whatever history this place might have had, it was replaced by ubiquitous brands that can be found anywhere.

4: Leaning Tower of Pisa (Italy)

10 overrated tourist attractions pisa
Leaning Tower of Pisa, Italy.

The surrounding buildings in Pisa are more worth it. But since access to the park is free it seems to be ok going there for your fake hero picture that shows you keeping this landmark from toppling over. The entrance to the Leaning Tower itself currently costs 15 Euros per person. To be fair: we don’t generally rule out Pisa as a short stop on your way from Cinque Terre and Florence ;)

5: Great Pyramids of Giza (Egypt)

10 overrated tourist attractions Giza
View from Mena House Oberoi to the Pyramids of Giza.

Just forget it. Don’t go there. Although the Pyramids of Giza are masterpieces of ancient architecture and world wonders for a reason, they seem to be out of reach for tourists. Too dirty, too smelly, too many aggressive street sellers.

6: Stonehenge (England)

10 overrated tourist attractions
Most stereotype tourist photos in England: Stonehenge. Photo by Diego Delso, CC BY-SA 4.0

Stonehenge is one of those ancient wonders that crop up in sci-fi movies and pseudo-science babble. Regardless of the original purpose of this mysterious collection of standing rocks, it’s not very interesting to visit. You can’t access the site due to a protective fence, and a nearby highway thoroughly kills any mystical ambiance. If you are looking for history, energy and a well-preserved mystical place: Callanish Standing Stones should better be #1 on your list.

7: Loch Ness (Scotland)

10 overrated tourist attractions loch ness monster
It’s alive! This is rare footage of the Loch Ness monster “Nessy”.

Located in a remote corner of Scotland, Loch Ness has been the center of rumors about a prehistoric lake monster. And guess what. The day you arrive at this dull lake, Nessy will not show up. Instead you’ll get grey skies, a lot of cold wind and plenty of vendors selling stuffed Nessie dolls.

8: Walk of Fame in Hollywood, Los Angeles (USA)

10 overrated tourist attractions
Walk of Fame in Hollywood, Los Angeles is a classic example for an overrated tourist trap.

The infamous Hollywood Walk of Fame! Instead of entering a star lined boulevard, visitors are hounded to buy souvenirs made in China, take pictures with weird characters in costumes and give to the homeless. Why don’t you just grab your sports gear and go for a run at Runyon Canyon? LA’s celebrities prefer to walk their dogs here. Chances are definitely higher to stumble into Jessica Biel or Ben Affleck :)

9: Taj Mahal (India)

10 overrated tourist attractions
Taj Mahal, just hopelessly crowded.

Welcome to India. Pretty much the moment you step out of the airplane you will have diarrhea. Once you reach Taj Mahal you realize: the tourist pictures lied. There are way more people at this place than expected. But that’s not the whole story. A weak sewage system at the Yamuna River near Taj Mahal is actually a weapon of mass destruction for a humans nose but also for plants and animals. India’s flush-and-forget mentality keeps many western travelers from entering this country.

10: Manneken Pis, Brussels (Belgium)

10 overrated tourist attractions
Manneken Pis. Overrated but at least it doesn’t cost any entrance fee.

Manneken Pis, Belgium: The name of this little statue in Brussels’ city center translates to “Little Man Pee.” We don’t know why tourists flock to look at a statue of a naked child peeing. But if you insist on going, time your visit for when the statue has been dressed up by a city employee. Only then you might feel a little less like a creep. It is said that the fountain’s water sometimes gets replaced with beer. If you figure this out: come during one of these occasions so you can at least get a free pint of liquid bread.

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