11 Places Straight Out Of Fairytales

11 Places Straight Out Of Fairytales | The following video clip is food for the senses. Some are just nice to watch via pictures. Others are worth a vacation: Rakotz Bridge in Kromlau (Germany), Angel Oak in Charleston (US), Red Flute Cave in Guilin (China), Hohenzollern Castle in Bisingen (Germany), Tunnel of Love in Klevan (Ukraine), Hallstadt (Austria), Lake Reschen in South Tyrol (Italy), Hallerbos Forest in Halle (Belgium), the City Palace in Jaipur (India), Angkor’s Ta Prohm Temple (Cambodia), and the St. Basil’s Cathedral inMoscow (Russia).

11 places straight out of fairytales; if your travel budget only allows one shot: choose the Ta Prohm Temple near Angkor Wat (Cambodia), and reach there early in the morning!

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