Top 10 Impressive Waterfalls

Top 10 impressive waterfalls | The majority of them you will never be able to visit, because some are located in countries inaccessible for tourists (such as Venezuela). Others are freaking far away (Chile, New Zealand). And some are found in quite chilly areas (Iceland). So consider yourself lucky if you already made it to one of the following top 10 most impressive waterfalls on earth. And please don’t wait for Yosemite Falls to be listed here. It didn’t make into this list because it is most of the time too small and too unspectacular.

1: Victoria Falls (Zambia/Zimbabwe)
2: Iguazu Falls (Brazil/Argentina)
3: Angel Falls (Venezuela)
4: Kaieteur Falls (Guyana)
5: Gullfoss (Iceland)
6: Dettifoss (Iceland)
7: Browne Falls (New Zealand)
8: Ventisquero Colgante Falls (Chile)
9: Niagara Falls (Canada/US)
10: Plitvice Waterfalls (Croatia)

1) Victoria Falls, Zambia/Zimbabwe

Top 10 Impressive Waterfalls Victoria Falls Southern Africa
Most impressive waterfalls on earth: Victoria Falls in Southern Africa

Let’s start with the winner: Victoria Falls! On November 16, 1855 Scottish explorer David Livingstone wrote into his dairy: “Creeping with awe to the verge, I peered down into a large rent which had been made from bank to bank of the broad Zambesi (River) … No one can imagine the beauty of the view from anything witnessed in England.” He was writing about the Victoria Falls on the border between Zambia and Zimbabwe in Southern Africa. We have nothing to add. If your budget only allows a trip to one of the ten listed waterfalls, you have other option but to choose the winner.

2) Iguazu Falls, Brazil/Argentina

Top 10 Impressive Waterfalls Iguazu Falls in South America
Most impressive waterfalls on earth; runner-up: Iguazu Falls in South America

The runner-up: Iguazu Falls. Four spray soaked kilometers of pure beauty! U.S. First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt once said: “Poor Niagara!” when witnessing this spectacular performance of nature. The Iguazu Falls are the largest waterfalls system in the world. About three-quarters of the Falls is located on the Argentinian side. There are approx. 150 to 250 different cascades – depending a bit on the time of the year which affects the volume of the water. From the Argentinian side, you can walk into the heart of the falls at the Devil’s Throat and take a boat ride under the tumbling waters. Over on the Brazilian side, you can take in better panoramic views of the falls from all directions.

3) Angel Falls, Venezuela

Top 10 Impressive Waterfalls
Amazing Angel Falls in Venezuala, but going there is not worth it, because tourists risk their lives in Venezuela.

We continue to stay in South America. Angel Falls in Venezuela is the world’s highest single drop waterfall, with an overall height of 979 meters, 807 of them uninterrupted. If you are crazy enough to enter Venezuela – the country with the highest murder rate in the world: Angel Falls is Venezuela’s top tourist attractions, though a trip to the falls is a complicated affair. The falls are located in an isolated jungle. A flight from Puerto Ordaz or Ciudad Bolívar is required to reach Canaima camp, the starting point for river trips to the base of the falls. River trips generally take place from June to December, when the rivers are deep enough for use by the Pemon guides.

4) Kaieteur Falls, Guyana

Top 10 Impressive Waterfalls
Kaieteur Falls in Guyana – the supermodel

If you want to custom-build a perfect waterfall, you have no choice but to resemble the supermodel of all waterfalls: Kaieteur Falls in Guyana. Kaieteur Falls is about four times higher than Niagara Falls and and about twice the height of Victoria Falls. Kaieteur Falls is a major tourist attraction in Guyana. The falls is located in Kaieteur National Park, in the center of Guyana’s rainforest. There are frequent flights between the falls airstrip and Ogle Airport and Cheddi Jagan International Airport in Georgetown.

5) Dettifoss, Iceland

Top 10 Impressive Waterfalls dettifoss in Iceland.
Most impressive waterfalls: Dettifoss in Iceland.

Iceland is the spiritual home of the waterfall, and Dettifoss is the strongest. The Falls are located in Vatnajökull National Park in Northeast Iceland. It is reputed to be the most powerful waterfall in the world with a volume discharge of 193 cubic meters water per second.

6) Gullfoss, Iceland

Top 10 Impressive Waterfalls
Gullfoss water falls, Iceland.

Also in Iceland we find our no. 6: the Gullfoss. Quite cool: when approaching the falls from distance it appears that the river simply vanishes into the earth. Luckily this happened to the falls: During the first half of the 20th century, there was much speculation about using Gullfoss to generate electricity. During that time, the waterfall was rented by its owners (Tómas Tómasson and Halldór Halldórsson), to foreign investors. However, the investors’ attempts were unsuccessful, partly due to lack of money. The waterfall was later sold to the state of Iceland, and is now protected.

7) Browne Falls, New Zealand

Top 10 Impressive Waterfalls Browne Falls in New Zealand.
Most impressive waterfalls: Browne Falls in New Zealand.

Browne Falls did make it into this top 10 list of the most impressive waterfalls not so much for its appearance but for the surrounding nature. Browne Falls is located above Doubtful Sound, in the Fiordland National Park, New Zealand. In a temperate rain forest, the falls cascade down to the fiord near Hall Arm. Their source is a tarn called Lake Browne (836 m above sea level), which when full, overflows down the side of the mountain face.

8) Ventisquero Colgante Falls, Chile

Top 10 Impressive Waterfalls Ventisquero Colgante Falls in Chile
Impressive but largely unknown: Ventisquero Colgante Falls, Chile.

And we are back in South America. One of the most impressive waterfalls on earth are the comparatively little known remote Ventisquero Colgante Falls. Translated into English, Ventisquero Colgante means Hanging Glacier. The falls flow out of Hanging Glacier in Chile’s Queulat National Park, with a massive volume of water pouring out from underneath and plunging 1400 to 2000 feet below to the floor of the narrow valley. Ventisquero Colgante Falls are flowing throughout the year. In summer the sight becomes more impressive – there is more water and less ice at the base of falls.

9) Niagara Falls, Canada/U.S.

A group of three waterfalls straddles the international border between Canada and United States – collectively known as Niagara Falls. They would appear like little kids next to Victoria Falls or Iguazu Falls. Still they are impressive enough to draw 20 million tourists per year. Peak visitor traffic occurs in summer, when Niagara Falls are also an evening attraction. From the Canadian side, floodlights illuminate both sides of the falls for several hours after dark until midnight. The oldest and best known tourist attraction at Niagara Falls is the Maid of the Mist boat cruise, named for an ancient Ongiara Indian mythical character, which has carried passengers into the rapids immediately below the falls since 1846.

10) Plitvice Waterfalls, Croatia

Top 10 Impressive Waterfalls croatia
Most impressive European waterfalls: Plitvice, Croatia.

Our #10 spot finally goes to a European destination: the Plitvice Waterfalls at Plitvice Lakes National Park in Croatia. Visited by approx. 1 million tourists per year, this area is world-famous for its lakes arranged in cascades. 16 lakes can be seen from the surface. The lakes are far away from cities or industrial plants. A nearly untouched landscape has been preserved. In these untouched forests various rare species, such as the brown bear have survived. At the Plitvice Lakes, all species continue to exist that have already existed before the coming of man. This is a rare case worldwide.

Top 10 Impressive Waterfalls. By Chili and Churp | © International Destinations | more Travel Top Lists. Header image by Bill Cameron – Kaieteur Waterfalls in Guatemala. Wikipedia CC BY-SA 3.0

Top 5 Worlds Oldest Hotels

Top 5 Worlds Oldest Hotels | Prostitution might be the oldest profession in the world, but somebody had to rent out the beds. Most of the world’s longest-running hotels are located in Japan, where hotels did welcome pleasure seeking Samurai fighters in the 7th century AD. But there are also some equally historic hotels outside the land of the rising sun. What is our definition of ‘Worlds oldest hotel’? To make it into our Top 5 List, the property should have never been just a pub, a post office or a private residence. It never moved and never shuttered. It never burned down.

#5: Angel and Royal (UK)

Top 5 worlds oldest hotels
Angel & Royal – 1203 (UK)

Opened in 1203 the Angel Inn was a popular stopover on the route from London to Edinburgh. Located in Grantham (Lincolnshire), the hotel was built for the Brotherhood of the Knights Templar. Having hosted kings like John, Richard III, Edward III, Charles I, and George IV, the addition of the word “Royal” to the name seems well deserved. This renaming happened in 1866 when Edward the Prince of Wales (and heir to the throne) stayed over. Today Angel and Royal is managed by the Best Western Hotel Group.

#4: The Old Bell (UK)

Top 5 worlds oldest hotels The Old Bell
The Old Bell – 1135 (UK)

‘The Old Bell’ in Hurley (UK) opened its doors in 1135 as a guest and carriage house for those making the pilgrimage to St. Benedict, a nearby priory. In its heyday, the hotel housed as many kings as commoners. It also served as meeting place for Britain’s Prime Minister Winston Churchill and US President Dwight D. Eisenhower during World War 2. A secret tunnel that leads from ‘The Old Bell’ to the priory was the place to fabricate the overthrowing of King James II. in the 17th century.

#3: Zum Roten Bären (Germany)

Top 5 worlds oldest hotels Zum Roten Baeren - 1120 (Germany)
Top 5 worlds oldest hotels: #3 Zum Roten Bären – 1120 (Germany)

Almost 900 years of age, the oldest hotel in Europe is older than the town it’s located in. The hotel ‘Zum Roten Bären’ has been built before Freiburg was founded at the same location. The hotel lived through the Black Plague, revolutions, the Thirty Years’ War, two World Wars and the reunification of Germany. It once briefly belonged to France. 51 owners and dozens of renovations later, the hotel still carries the same name that first appeared in documents in 1387, and the basement still features original artwork and architecture from 1120.

#2: Hōshi Ryokan (Japan)

Top 5 worlds oldest hotels Hoshi Ryokan
Top 5 worlds oldest hotels: #2 Hoshi Ryokan – 718 (Japan)

Founded in 718, it was once thought to be the oldest operating hotel in the world until the realization that another hotel is even older. The Hoshi Ryokan has been operated by the same family for forty-six generations. Legend has it that a deity instructed a Buddhist priest to build this hotel on yet-to-be-discovered hot spring. Apparently too busy for an unenlightened pursuit like the hospitality biz, he had his disciple, Garyo Houshi, build it. Houshi did, and his family has been running it ever since. Also, for whatever reason, each of the last 46 proprietors have reportedly taken the name Zengoro Houshi, which no doubt helped simplify the paperwork.

#1: Nishiyama Onsen Keiunkan (Japan)

Top 5 worlds oldest hotels Nishiyama Onsen Keiunkan
Top 5 Worlds Oldest Hotels: #1 Nishiyama Onsen Keiunkan – 705 (Japan)

The Nishiyama Onsen Keiunkan in Yamanashi, Japan, is the World’s Oldest Hotel. It opened in 705. Nishiyama Onsen Keiunkan is not just the oldest hotel in the world. According to the Guinness Book of World Records it is also the world’s oldest continuously-operating business. This traditional Japanese inn has been owned by 52 generations of the same family. In addition to Samurais taking soaks in the hot spring baths of this Japanese Alps hotel, the ‘famous guests list’ includes Tokugawa Leyasu, Japan’s first shogun, and Kouken, Japan’s 46th emperor.

Top 5 worlds oldest hotels. By Chili and Churp | © International Destinations | more Travel Top Lists

11 Places Straight Out Of Fairytales

11 Places Straight Out Of Fairytales | The following video clip is food for the senses. Some are just nice to watch via pictures. Others are worth a vacation: Rakotz Bridge in Kromlau (Germany), Angel Oak in Charleston (US), Red Flute Cave in Guilin (China), Hohenzollern Castle in Bisingen (Germany), Tunnel of Love in Klevan (Ukraine), Hallstadt (Austria), Lake Reschen in South Tyrol (Italy), Hallerbos Forest in Halle (Belgium), the City Palace in Jaipur (India), Angkor’s Ta Prohm Temple (Cambodia), and the St. Basil’s Cathedral inMoscow (Russia).

11 places straight out of fairytales; if your travel budget only allows one shot: choose the Ta Prohm Temple near Angkor Wat (Cambodia), and reach there early in the morning!

11 places straight fairytales. By Chili % Churp | © International Destinations | more Travel Top Lists

10 Sexiest Holiday Destinations

10 Sexiest Holiday Destinations | Ever thought about steaming up your vacation? Well-informed single men instantly have certain destinations in mind for a fling. But also young couples and single women are looking for erotic inspiration. They will find it right here in this blog post about the top 10 sexiest holiday destinations worldwide:

10 Sexiest Holiday Destinations: Mykonos

10 sexiest holiday destinations mykonos
10 sexiest holiday destinations: Mykonos in Greece is our #1.

Mykonos | Not only is the baklava sweet on this Greek island, but the ladies are pretty sweet, too. Mykonos is an adult’s playground where sexy and sophisticated cosmopolitans flock to when they need to get rid of some erotic tention. You shouldn’t have too much trouble finding modern Greek ladies to play along. According to serious surveys Greek have the most sex on a weekly basis. If you find yourself in Mykonos, make your way to Paradise beach on the south side of the city where the party starts no later than 4 in the afternoon and continues on all night. Mykonos exudes an erotic disposal and sex appeal that dominates everywhere. Conservative rules do not have place in the island of freedom. And for the record: Yes, Greece has legalized prostitution. If it gets to that point, you can have all your desires fulfilled for about €60.

level of sexiness: 10/10
landscape and such: 10/10
prices: expensive
overall rating: 9/10

Sexy Holiday Destination Paris

10 sexiest holiday destinations mykonos
10 sexiest holiday destinations: No doubt Paris must be part of the list.

Paris | Yeap, the city of love does it again. Paris can be found on almost any top-list – including this one. Paris usually equals romance. And romance is usually very very sexy. For some reason women invited to Paris have less problems opening their legs to the guy financing this trip. Let’s forget the Eiffel Tower and ‘finding love in a Paris cafe’. Young couples that have successfully gotten the cheesy Parisian touristy stuff out of their way, head over to the red light district, called ‘Pigalle’. You will find strip clubs, sex shops, and cabarets, including the world famous ‘Moulin Rouge’. You will find sexiness in Paris if you really want it.

level of sexiness: 9/10
landscape and such: 10/10
prices: very expensive
overall rating: 9/10

Any place south of Miami

10 sexiest holiday destinations Miami
10 sexiest holiday destinations: Miami came in at #3.

Any place south of Miami | Our #3 spot in the 10 Sexiest Holiday Destinations list goes to Miami. Despite all her quirkiness, we love this city in the Sunshine State Florida. Women show a lot of sun-bronzed skin down there. Deserted beaches are still an option and islands in the Gulf of Mexico can be a nice alternative to urban beach spots. Rent a convertible and do a road-trip towards the Florida Keys. The sun will shine for sure.

level of sexiness: 8/10
landscape and such: 9/10
prices: moderate
overall rating: 9/10


10 sexiest holiday destinations Barcelona
10 sexiest holiday destinations Barcelona

Barcelona | It’s not just the recent news about that shocking moment in Barcelona when a couple were caught having sex on the platform of an underground metro station. The city got more and better sex to offer than that. For young people the sharing economy and the local approach is no longer a trend but a real fact in Barcelona. With new platforms like Trip4real or EatWith having a unique experience with local people is feasible and affordable. Just check out the tours and activities they have! But Barcelona has a downside: it’s Europe’s pickpocketing capital. Never keep your wallet, cash or important documents in trouser pockets or in bags. Be alert in crowded places, such as La Rambla and Raval.

level of sexiness: 8/10
landscape and such: 8/10
prices: very expensive
overall rating: 8/10


10 sexiest holiday destinations Ibiza
10 sexiest holiday destinations Ibiza

Ibiza | This small Spanish island did succeed Majorca as Europes #1 party destination. Famous for its rave parties on the beach, it offers everything young couples need to steam up their sex life. Every year from May to September beautiful girls at the peak of their own summers of sexual attractiveness are packing their super tiny bikinis, cut-off denim shorts, sun cream and condoms and heading for a small island in the Mediterranean Sea called Ibiza. According to tourist statistics: 2 million of them per year. They all witness the highest amount of Off-the-hook parties on this planet – starring DJ’s such as Afrojack, Tiesto, Loco Dice, Carl Cox, Eivissa and others.

level of sexiness: 10/10
landscape and such: 9/10
prices: very expensive
overall rating: 8/10


10 sexiest holiday destinations pattaya
10 sexiest holiday destinations pattaya

Pattaya | Some 2.5 hours south of Bangkok – at the coast of the Gulf of Thailand lays Pattaya, Asia’s Sex Capital. While Paris and Barcelona are more a couple-in-love-kind-of-thing, Pattaya is reserved for single men on their hunt for attractive women; not just Asians, also Russians and Ukrainians, even a few Brazil. Experienced travelers know: there is no other such place on earth, where one can find so many attractive women in one place as Pattaya.

level of sexiness: 10/10
landscape and such: 7/10
prices: cheap
overall rating: 8/10


10 sexiest holiday destinations Sofia
10 sexiest holiday destinations Sofia

Sofia | This one might be unexpected. Another hot destination is the capital of Bulgaria. Vitosha Boulevard in particular gets your blood boil. While having coffee on Vitoshka Street any random afternoon of the week one will see tons of outrageously hots chicks. But this former Eastern European stronghold of socialism is not as easy as lets-say Pattaya or Ibiza. Apart from many homeless dogs you will find yourself in the midst of knife carying muggers, fake money exchange shops. But our initial goal to go to Sofia was finding a cheap dentist. This worked out very well. Next we booked a pretty nice tour called ‘Bulgaria Babes in Sofia’ for £100. It included a 3 Star City Centre Accommodation for 2 Nights, Gents Club and Airport Transfers. Luved it.

level of sexiness: 7/10
landscape and such: 5/10
prices: cheap
overall rating: 6/10


10 sexiest holiday destinations Amsterdam
10 sexiest holiday destinations Amsterdam

Amsterdam | Decades of dedicated approaches towards adult entertainment gave Amsterdam something like a wild card to enter this list. In Amsterdam the exhibition of young female naked skin thru glas windows and doors can be tempting. Amsterdam has a long tradition of penetrating her tourists with this technique.

level of sexiness: 7/10
landscape and such: 10/10
prices: expensive
overall rating: 8/10

St. Tropez

10 sexiest holiday destinations st tropez
10 sexiest holiday destinations: St. Tropez, one of our top 10 sexy hot spots.

St. Tropez | Located at the French Riviera, St. Tropez is sexy enough for the world’s hottest celebs. The city took over this top spot from Varosha (Famagusta, Cyprus) after Turkish troops invaded Cyprus. With the abrupt end of Varosha tourism, the way was paved for St. Tropez. Today it is a true exotic beach destination that the rich and famous have enjoyed for several decades. The famous Plage de Tahiti will be your go-to beach for getting a nice sun-bronzed skin minus any tan lines, because people aren’t wearing any clothes while on this beach.

level of sexiness: 6/10
landscape and such: 7/10
prices: very expensive
overall rating: 6/10

You might ask now: Why is Las Vegas not #1 in this list? Ever been to Vegas? For $500 a hooker will grant you a quicky, while you pay $50 in Pattaya for an entire night with all extras. But ok. We give Vegas the #10 hot spot for having pretty sexy beach parties, e.g. in the Encore/Wynn.

10 sexiest holiday destinations. By Chili and Churp | © International Destinations | more Travel News here.

Top 10 Inner Cities 2018

Top 10 Inner Cities 2018 | The amount of historic inner cities still being in tact is actually dramatically low. In large parts cities need to re-invent themselves again and again to keep pace with the economic needs of their regions. But against the odds some cities successfully resist this desire to destroy history for the sake of money. Our favorites in this category are listed here. Top 10 inner cities of 2018 – pure pearls!


Top 10 Inner Cities 2018 carcassone
Carcassone is a medieval town with two rings of 100% intact city walls.

No. 1: Carcassone (France). Of course a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Only 230 people remain living in the historic inner city. The first time we heard about Carcassone was during our French language lessons at university. The book we used to learn French (Passepartout) mentioned Carcassone. That chapter really captured our imagination. Still it took us 20 more years to finally get there.


Top 10 Inner Cities 2018 dubrovnik
Dubrovnik and Carcassone have a lot in common.

No. 2: Dubrovnik (Croatia). Another UNESCO World Heritage Site. We did walk the entire city wall. It gave us breath taking views.


Top 10 Inner Cities 2018 Bruges
Explore Bruges by boat. It’s worth it!

No. 3: Bruges (Brugge, Belgium). Its channels can compete with Amsterdam. After checking in 10 years ago for the first time, we now paid Bruges a second visit. The city didn’t loose any of it’s charm. Side note: If you like mussels, take your lunch at a small restaurant called “Gruuthus Hof” at Mariastraat. But go early. The place is well-known for it’s excellent cuisine.


Top 10 Inner Cities 2018 Gent
Gent und Bruges are only 45 car minutes away from each other.

No. 4: Gent (Belgium). Comparable with its nearby rival Bruges, Gent also offers many channels and historic sites. This city looks like a medieval Disneyland. Every single historic building is fully intact. The inner city is keep free of cars – a very smart move by the Burgermeister!


Top 10 Inner Cities 2018 Manhattan
Manhattan: Empire State Building, Grand Central, Liberty-Statue, Wallstreet, Central-Park.

No. 5: Manhattan (United States). Thanks to steel, the influence of Jewish wealth and Art Deco Zeitgeist Manhattan still is something special. Once in your life you should pay it a visit. But once is enough. Tick if off your bucket list and head towards some place more peaceful.


Top 10 Inner Cities 2018 Beijing
UNESCO World Heritage Site: The Forbidden City in Beijing.

No. 6: Beijing (China). Brutally smoggy and massively overrun by tourists the Forbidden City in the heart of Beijing successfully patiently deals with these unfortunate circumstances day by day. We spent one week in Beijing in 2014. It was a very interesting experience we only need to make once in our lives.

New Orleans

Top 10 Inner Cities 2018 New Orleans
New Orleans: Much noise for almost nothing.

No. 7: New Orleans (United States). Although 85,000 people work in the tourist industry of New Orleans, the city cannot live up to his ambitions. But Bourbon Street is quite nice.


Top 10 Inner Cities 2018 Innsbruck
Innsbruck (Austria). The city of the guilds is still alive! Even McDonald is forced to follow a very special bylaw and shows a guild sign at its entrance.

No. 8: Innsbruck. For Germans, Austria is a very common place to spend their vacations – year in year out. Logically Innsbruck in the heart of the Alp mountains will get your attention sooner or later.

Angkor Wat

Top 10 Inner Cities 2018 Angkor Wat
Angkor Wat: built in the 12th century, forgotten, re-animated in 1908.

No. 9: Angkor Wat (Cambodia). The Reconstruction of this unique historic site started some 100 years ago. And speed is catching up now. In 1993 only 7650 tourists checked in here. 20 years later the statistics show 1 million visitors – each paying US$40 entrance fee. Today you can see French, German, Indian, Chinese and US-american redevelopment projects taking place throughout the area. If you want to avoid the masses we recommend to visit a more hidden place such as “Ta Prohm” (= Angelina Jolie’s Tomb Raider temple) in the morning. Then stroll thru the main sites of Angkor Wat after 10am.

Stonetown (Zanzibar)

Top 10 Inner Cities 2018 Stonetown Zanzibar
Stonetown (Zanzibar): It definitely got potential. But somebody needs to take a lot of money in his hands and do something.

No. 10: Stonetown (Zanzibar). The old city of Zanzibar is called Stonetown. Built less than 200 years ago it already looks like 2000 years old. You might need to bring some goodwill and overlook some rubbish to keep a positive vibration for this place. But those who make it to this remote city usually enjoy Stonetown.

That’s our personal list of the Top 10 Inner Cities of 2018. We hope you liked it. More top lists will be coming. Stay tuned.

Top 10 Inner Cities 2018. By Chili and Churp | © International Destinations | more Travel News here.