Tourist Destinations to Avoid

7 tourist destinations avoid

Tourist destinations to avoid | Today’s article gives you a top 7 list of places that tourists usually only visit once and never again. Reasons vary. Most mentioned: ‘no local culture’, followed by ‘no outstanding landmarks’. Despite all this publicly open knowledge, why do tourists go there anyway? We have answers … Tourist destinations to

Top 10 Funny Tourist Snapshots

top 10 funny tourist snapshots

Top 10 Funny Tourist Snapshots | Today’s blog post is all about funny tourist snapshots. We show you our top 10 list from last year. Enjoy :) Top 10 funny tourist snapshots. By Chili &Churp | © International Destinations | more Travel Top Lists.

Top 10 Impressive Waterfalls

top 10 impressive waterfalls

Top 10 impressive waterfalls | The majority of them you will never be able to visit, because some are located in countries inaccessible for tourists (such as Venezuela). Others are freaking far away (Chile, New Zealand). And some are found in quite chilly areas (Iceland). So consider yourself lucky if you already made it to

Top 5 Worlds Oldest Hotels

Top 5 worlds oldest hotels

Top 5 Worlds Oldest Hotels | Prostitution might be the oldest profession in the world, but somebody had to rent out the beds. Most of the world’s longest-running hotels are located in Japan, where hotels did welcome pleasure seeking Samurai fighters in the 7th century AD. But there are also some equally historic hotels outside

11 Places Straight Out Of Fairytales

11 places straight fairytales

11 Places Straight Out Of Fairytales | The following video clip is food for the senses. Some are just nice to watch via pictures. Others are worth a vacation: Rakotz Bridge in Kromlau (Germany), Angel Oak in Charleston (US), Red Flute Cave in Guilin (China), Hohenzollern Castle in Bisingen (Germany), Tunnel of Love in Klevan