Top 10 Islands in the World: Tahiti

Top 10 Islands in the World: Tahiti | Somebody still searching for something more special? Our good sorted list of top 10 islands in the world starts today and introduces you to the black pearl among islands: Tahiti! It is a must in every travel alphabet – the largest island in the Windward group of French Polynesia, also known as one of the greatest honeymoon destinations in the world. But getting tanned as you lie down on the magnificent black sandy beach while enjoying a cocktail comes with a hefty price tag.

Top 10 Islands World Tahiti
Best Islands in the World: Tahiti for sure is in the top 10. Source: wikipedia

First of all, Tahiti is as remote as remoteness can get. Tahiti is located 4,400 km south of Hawaii, 7,900 km from Chile and 5,700 km from Australia. Direct flights to Tahiti are only available from Auckland (New Zealand, 5h) and Los Angeles (8h 20min). All that remote remoteness didn’t stop French painter Paul Gauguin to stay there for an inspirational break from big city life in Europe. Distance shouldn’t stop you either.

Top 10 Islands World Tahiti
Tahiti, one of the most remote travel destinations on earth (

Second, a vacation in Tahiti is not cheap. To avoid high hotel cost you might book a catamaran for 7 days starting at just $4,100. Your floating home will come with 3 cabins. Sunshine, turtles and reef sharks surrounding your boat are free add-ons. Try

For those of you staying on the island: finest seafood, impressive waves and glorious sunrises will be waiting for you right in front of your bungalow. Peak time for tourists in Tahiti: July, August and September. But this tropical island does not really know an off-season. There is plenty of nightlife, restaurants, villas, and resorts for you to choose from. Most visited tourist attractions: Botanical Garden, Paul Gauguin Museum, Fautaua Waterfall, and not to forget Black Pearl shops. Men will have to open their wallets, while women open their hearts to a string of Tahitian black pearls …

Top 10 Islands World Tahiti black pearls
Tahiti is famous for its black pearls

Where to stay in Tahiti only lists 40 properties in Tahiti. Two welcome you for 50 Euros per night. Six will cost you an arm and a leg: 250 to 500 Euros per night, for example: Te Tavake and the InterContinental. Our favorite is Manava Suite Resort – just 10 minutes from Faaa International Airport near Papeete. The infinity pool with view to the ocean will capture your imagination.

Top 10 Islands World Tahiti
Top 10 Islands World Tahiti: Book Tahiti hotels

Top 10 Islands World Tahiti surfers
Tahiti is also a famous destination for pro surfers

Top 10 Islands World Tahiti
A bit of a clichee photo. But we like it anyway :)

Top 10 Islands World Tahiti Typical Tahiti girls
Top 10 Islands World Tahiti. Typical Tahiti girls. Source: wikipedia cc

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Top 10 Islands in the World: Whitsunday Australia

Top 10 Islands in the World: Whitsunday Australia | The most iconic photo from this tropical location is an amazing birds eye view of Whitehaven Beach. The popular snapshot looks very promising, and still Whitsunday Islands will easily live up to any high expectations.

Top 10 Islands World Whitsunday Australia
Best islands in the world: Whitsunday Islands ->  Whitehaven Beach from air.

Sprinkled along the Great Barrier Reef, the Whitsunday Islands are Australia’s version of a tropical island fantasy. 74 lush islands are the peaks of drowned hills rising above the strikingly blue Coral Sea. Sailing is a popular pastime here, and diving is excellent along the fish-rich coral reefs. But be aware: This is an extremely fragile ecosystem protected by six national parks. You can explore some of the islands on hiking trails. Of course you should not miss the radiant silica sands of Whitehaven Beach.  The waters of Whitehaven Beach are renowned for their swirling bands of colors, a mix of blues, greens, and whites created by changing tides mixing the silica sand and sea. Tourists and locals visit Whitehaven Beach for a Whitehaven Beach BBQ lunch, to swim or just take in the bright white sand, as well as campers who stay by booking the National Parks camp facilities.

Named by Captain James Cook in early June 1770, Whitsunday Island covers 27,508 ha (275.08 sqkm). Around the northern bays of the island are seagrass beds which support a diverse range of marine life. Unadorned rock-wallabies are found on the island. The seas here are warm, clear, shallow, nutrient rich and fast moving due to large tidal flows making them well-suited to the growth of fringing coral reefs.

Top 10 Islands World Whitsunday Australia
Although take on the mainland nearby, this is snapshot pretty much sums up size and shape of the Whitsunday Rock Wallaby. Photo by Petra,

Getting to Whitsunday Islands

It’s a one-and-a-half-hour flight from Brisbane to the Whitsunday coast. By car it will take you 12 hours from Brisbane up north or 6.5 hours from Cairns down south. The biggest of the Whitsunday Islands is accessible by boat from mainland tourist ports such as Airlie Beach and Shute Harbour. You can choose between many popular destinations for both day visitors and overnight sailors, including the magnificent pure-white sands of Whitehaven Beach and Hill Inlet, the secure anchorage of Cid Harbour, and the sheltered waterway of Gulnare Inlet. The island has six campgrounds.

Whitehaven Beach is a 7 km stretch along Whitsunday Island, Australia. The island is also accessible by seaplane and helicopter from Airlie Beach, as well as Hamilton Island.

Top 10 Islands World Whitsunday Australia
Whitsunday Islands, Australia. Still searching that one-and-only real white beach? This is the place to go.

Accommodation @ Whitsunday Islands

Shelter ranges from beachfront campsites, eco-retreats, and family resorts to luxury escapes like Hayman Island and Qualia on Hamilton Island. There are around about 40 different accommodations available in the direct neighborhood of Whitsunday Islands, most can be found on Hamilton Island.

The cheapest stay we found was at 30 Euros per night (45 Australian Dollars): Island Gateway Holiday Park – industry standard, located at Airlie Beach. That would be 24.5 km away from Hamilton Island.

The most luxurious hotel offers rooms at AU$1400 per night (930 Euros): Pepperberry House (48 Pepperberry Lane, Cannon Valley, 4800 Cannonvale). That’s approx. 30 km away from Hamilton Island.

Top 10 Islands World Whitsunday Australia
book a hotel near whitsundays australia

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Urban Beaches: Bondi Beach

Urban Beaches. From today until next Tuesday we introduce you to seven unique urban beaches located in Australia, Northern America and Europe. We touch down in Montreal, Amsterdam, Berlin, Paris, Lisbon and Barcelona. But let’s start with the Original: Sydney’s famous Bondi Beach …

Urban Beaches: Bondi Beach | This urban beach was the first one to be recognized as such. Sydney is actually blessed with beaches: Bronte, Coogee, Maroubra, Malabar, Yarra Bay, Manly …  Still until today its most popular one remains Bondi Beach.

In 1809 the Australian road builder William Roberts received a grant of land in the Bondi area. In 1851 Edward Smith Hall and Francis O’Brien purchased 200 acres of that Bondi area. It included most of the beach frontage, which was then named the “The Bondi Estate.” Edward Smith Hall was O’Brien’s father-in-law. Between 1855 and 1877 O’Brien purchased his father-in-law’s share of the land, renamed the land the “O’Brien Estate,” and made the beach accessible to the public as a picnic ground and amusement resort. As the beach became increasingly popular, O’Brien threatened to stop public beach access. However, Sydney’s Municipal Council believed that the Government needed to intervene to make the beach a public reserve. And hooray!, on 9 June 1882, Bondi Beach became a public beach :)

Urban Beaches Bondi Beach
Bondi Beach, Sydney – The Original Urban Beach

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