Ice Crystal Caves Iceland

Ice Crystal Caves Iceland

Ice Crystal Caves Iceland | Weird Places, Vol. 2: The Ice Crystal Caves in Iceland. Are you up for chasing some ice? At a wintertime when people in the northern hemisphere do anything but traveling, Iceland offers a rare tourist attraction: Between November and March ice caving tours are a popular treat for tourists. It’s the

Copenhagen city break

Copenhagen city break

Copenhagen city break | Why not? Denmark’s Capital Copenhagen is attracting tourists because of a cool city’s harbor, some stylish cultural activities here and there and award-winning restaurants. Since 2009, Copenhagen has been one of the fastest growing metropolitan tourists destinations. Hotel capacity in the city is growing. In the last decade Copenhagen experienced a

Top 10 Islands in the World: Mykonos

top 10 islands world mykonos

Top 10 islands in the world: Mykonos, Greece | Said to have been where Hercules killed the invincible giants, the island of Mykonos is steeped in some real mythological history. But this popular cruise ship stop, nowadays is more known for its raucous parties. That would certainly impress even Dionysus … Mykonos easily steals the show from Santorini,

10 Facts about Norway

10 facts norway

10 Facts about Norway | One needs to love the cold to enjoy Norway. The country has one real piece of beauty to offer: nature! 4.7 million tourists head for Norway each year and are spending US$1200 per person. But we did warn you. It will be cold up there! Be prepared. Here are some interesting facts

Urban Beaches: Tamariz

urban beaches tamariz

Urban Beaches: Tamariz | Just a half hour train ride away from Lisbon’s city center this urban beach is popular among both locals and tourists. The setting here is absolutely beautiful: 350 meters of beach, sand and open sea. The waters are calm, and the beach itself is sandy which makes it a perfect family setting. The eastern

The Beginning of Winter Tourism 1860

Beginning Winter Tourism 1860

The Beginning of Winter Tourism, 1860 | The Swiss city of St. Moritz is known as cradle of winter tourism. It all started in the year 1860, when hotel manager Johannes Badrutt invited some British summer holiday guests to return to St. Moritz in winter to see some snowy landscape. This move inaugurated a trend