Sin City Berlin

sin city berlin

Sin City Berlin | From the 1920s to the mid 1930s, the city of Berlin was a melting pot of debauchery and creativity, giving rise to the first institute devoted to the study of sex. In 2005 the Canadian TV channel CBC broadcasted a valuable historic documentary about Germany’s capital as it entered an era

Germany’s Baltic Sea

germanys baltic sea

Germany’s Baltic Sea | The Baltic Sea Coast of Germany is a popular vacation region – among Germans. International tourists are rare or they are Swedish and drunk. Germany’s Baltic Sea Coast is located in the northern federal states of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania and Schleswig-Holstein. Besides the obvious draw of a beach destination, many of the old coastal

France vs Germany

France vs Germany

France vs Germany | Ok, ok. It’s not entirely fair to compare France and Germany the way we do it here. It lacks a bit of scientifically proven depth. But it’s fun. Enjoy our tourist mix pics comparing elegant France with links-zwo-drei-Germany … France vs Germany. By Chili and Churp | © International Destinations |

Vintage Berlin Videos

Vintage Berlin Videos

Vintage Berlin Videos | You might not believe it, but our header image is from  1920s Berlin, showing two young sisters in a cafe. Thinking about Berlin in the 1920s, there are lots of clichés that come to mind: dance on the volcano, women with short hair, feather boas, cigarette holders, men wearing suspenders and

Visiting Berlin – yes, but only in summer

visiting berlin yes summer

Visiting Berlin – yes, but only in summer | Berlin is not as romantic as Paris, not as old as Rome, and not as cool as Amsterdam. Still Germany’s capital offers enough to attract tourists from all over the world to come and visit the remains of the Berlin Wall, Brandenburg Gate, the TV tower at