Verona not yet crushed by tourists

Verona not yet crushed tourists

Verona not yet crushed by tourists | With places such as Venice, Florence or Rome being literally overrun by tourists, Italy’s government is currently studying a strategic plan for tourism with the aim of reducing the overcrowding of its most popular places and offering alternative destinations. Because in 2016 things simply went too far. In 2016

Underwater Veggies in Noli’s Bay

Underwater Veggies Nolis Bay

Underwater Veggies in Noli’s Bay, Italy | The Italian province of Savona stretches from Andora to Varazze, also known as “Palmenriviera”. Tourists find large numbers of sandy beaches and hidden bays in this area. Lovely promenades lined with palm trees make vacations something to remember. Scuba diving is one of the favorite tourist activities. In

Agriturismo Terra Rossa Pistoia

agriturismo terra rossa pistoia

Agriturismo Terra Rossa Pistoia | Congratulations! You just hit the jackpot, stumbling upon a 10-of-10 accommodation in Tuscany. Situated in Pistoia, Agriturismo Terra Rossa offers you a fabulous villa in a quite location with barbecue facility, breakfast, a garden, free parking, WiFi, bee hives, ducks, olive trees … But the cool part will be the