The Rock of Guatape

guatape rock

The Rock of Guatape (La Piedra Del Penol) | Looking for a nice underrated tourist destination? Try the area around Guatape in Colombia. It’s kind of remote up in the mountains, close to georgeous lakes and near to a fancy looking stone: the Rock of Guatape – South Americas famous monolith. Composed of quartz, feldspar

Puerto Rico Kiteboarding Tour

Puerto Rico Kiteboarding Tour

Puerto Rico Kiteboarding Tour | When it comes to kite surfing you might want to check out a guy named Jeremie Tronet. The following video follows pro-kiteboarder Tronet as he was a participant of a Kite Cup which took place a few years ago in Puerto Rico. He met up with the local OceanRodeo team to

Mexico’s Stereotype Tourist Photos

Mexicos Stereotype Tourist Photos

Mexico’s Stereotype Tourist Photos | Most of them are not really nice. But #8 might give you some awe … On April 30, the British Government issued a travel warning for its citizens when entering Mexico. Canada did exactly the same back in January. A recent wave of violence also affects Mexico’s most important tourism

Volcano Boarding in Nicaragua

volcano boarding nicaragua

Volcano Boarding Nicaragua | If you want to look like a Guantanamo inmate speeding down a volcano on a sled, climb up the Cerro Negro in Nicaragua. This volcano is just 160 years old and primarily made of small grains of black rock. It last erupted in 1999. Cerro Negro measures just 728m. The hike to the

Top 10 Islands in the World: St. Lucia

top 10 islands world st lucia

When reminiscing about the top islands in the world, people tend to throw popular destinations like Hawaii, Zanzibar, Bali, Maldives and Santorini at each other. Don’t get me wrong. These names stand for very beautiful and interesting destinations, but they are not the cream. Starting today, a new series of articles will reveal our list of