Crazy Vacation Spots

crazy vacation spots

Crazy Vacation Spots that you can actually book | Airbnb is in large parts complicated when it comes to good returns on investment. Since there are not proper standards enforced, travelers rely on mostly faked airbnb user reviews. You will experience more unpleasant surprises with Airbnb than with regulated booking portals such as agoda, or tripadvisor. Still

How airport theft rings work

how airport theft rings work

How airport theft rings work | With increasing numbers of tourists worldwide, large-scale airport robbery rings spread, too. Examples: In April 2016 several news agencies wrote about an american woman held in custody for operating a robbery ring at a United States airport. About one year ago the Wall Street Journal published the story of a

Travel the World with $100 per Day

Travel the world with $100 per day | You already made up your mind. You have an rough idea where to go and what to do. Now it is time to think about your travel budget. The internet gives you an astonishing variety of examples. Nathan and Danica Reid did live from $1 per day in

7 Reasons Why Frequent Travelers Are More Successful

7 reasons frequent travelers successful

7 Reasons Why Frequent Travelers Are More Successful | Today’s blog post gives you a few answers on why frequent travelers are more successful than couch potatoes. Frequent Travelers accept other cultures (1) Frequent travelers – especially when visiting developing countries – are always meeting new interesting people. They become good at learning about different cultures.

The Downside of Traveling alone when you are young

Downside Traveling alone young

The Downside of Traveling alone when you are young | This post is about the realities of travel no-one wants to talk about. Those of you traveling young and alone with the experience of waiting in an hour-long queue at the Louvre in Paris or at Universal Studios in Singapore, know better. You end up on

Why do we travel

why do we travel

Why do we travel? | Sure, tourism helps economies. Several countries benefit in large parts from tourism in an economic context. But that’s not the reason for you to pack your bag and ride into the unknown. There have been 999 million international tourist arrivals counted last year. We didn’t ask all of those tourists