Disappointing Travel Destination: Naples, Italy

Disappointing travel destination Naples Italy

Disappointing Travel Destination Naples Italy | This city has seen better days. More than 4000 years old, situated at the foot of Mount Vesuvius, base camp for Pompeji and Herculaneum, widely known for its piazzas, palaces, castles and museums. Although Naples (Napoli) is that famous and one of the oldest inhabited places on earth, it

Disappointing Travel Destination Pyramids of Giza

Disappointing travel destination Pyramids Giza

Disappointing Travel Destination Pyramids Giza | They are masterpieces of ancient architecture, engineering marvels, world wonders for a reason, but out of reach for tourists. Yes you did read right. We recommend not travel to the Pyramids of Giza. Here is why: When reaching the entrance to the Pyramids, a dozen of men will jump

Disappointing travel destinations Casablanca

Disappointing travel destination Casablanca

Disappointing travel destinations Casablanca (Morocco) | There are quite a some movies, poems and songs out there that might leave you under the impression, Casablanca is worth the money. If you follow your manipulated inner voice and visit Casablanca, you will soon realize that it is by far the least-interesting place in an otherwise interesting

Disappointing travel destination Male, Maldives

Disappointing travel destination Male Maldives

Disappointing travel destination Male Maldives | For half a century Maldives’ tourist industry was building a reputation as a destination close to paradise And it’s true if you remain in your resort. Just don’t visit the capital Male. Approx. 133,000 people live in Male. But the city only has 5.8 sqkm of space to offer.

Booking Cheap Flights Best Way

booking cheap flights best way

Booking Cheap Flights Best Way We try to answer three questions: (1) Which time of the year is the best? (2) How many days in advance should you buy a plane ticket? (3) Where to book your flight? The annual price waves are clearly shaped by the summer season in the northern hemisphere. It does

Countries to avoid in Africa

Countries to avoid in Africa

Countries to Avoid in Africa | The list of travel warnings for countries in Africa is endless. From Libya in the north to Lesotho in the south almost every country fills a chapter. But two countries in particular stand out from the crowd: Madagascar and Somalia … Countries to Avoid in Africa: Madagascar Countries to