Urban Beaches: Tamariz

urban beaches tamariz

Urban Beaches: Tamariz | Just a half hour train ride away from Lisbon’s city center this urban beach is popular among both locals and tourists. The setting here is absolutely beautiful: 350 meters of beach, sand and open sea. The waters are calm, and the beach itself is sandy which makes it a perfect family setting. The eastern

Urban Beaches: Barceloneta

urban beaches barceloneta

Urban Beaches: Barceloneta | It looks as if they did it for Michael Jordan :) Barcelona got even better when the Summer Olympics came here in 1992. The coastline got a serious makeover. Barcelona would open up to the sea. Some old restaurants and public bathhouses needed to be torn down and replaced with a

Urban Beaches: Place de l’Horloge Montreal

urban beaches place de lhorloge montreal

Place de l’Horloge Montreal | While aging gracefully this Canadian city comes up with new ideas every year. ‘Clock Beach’ in Montreal opened to visitors for the first time in June 2012. It got showers, deck chairs and parasols. There are amenities like a cash bar and misting station. To enter this urban beach adults pay

Urban Beaches: Blijburg Aan Zee

Urban Beaches Blijburg Aan Zee

Urban Beaches: Blijburg Aan Zee | Although this beach is not situated inside the city center, it still is considered as Amsterdam’s one true urban beach, complete with a sandy stretch and swimming waters. The beach itself is 250 meters long and 40 meters wide and constantly hopping with things to do. Urban beach season opens

Urban Beaches: Badeschiff Berlin

urban beaches badeschiff berlin

Urban Beaches: Badeschiff Berlin | This urban beach is actually comprised of a few different elements, including an old tug boat that has been converted into a pool during the summer months. Not the nicest urban beach to be honest, but swimmers here can catch a great glimpse of the Berlin skyline and take part

Urban Beaches: Paris Plages

Urban Beaches Paris Plages

Urban Beaches: Paris Plages | In about 2 months from now, the right bank of the Seine from the Louvre to the Pont de Sully will be converted into one of the best urban beaches in all of Europe again. Sand gets imported into the area, beach chairs are set up, grass is laid down