Disappointing travel destination Los Angeles

Disappointing travel destination: Los Angeles

Disappointing travel destination: Los Angeles | You’ve dreamt of Hollywood’s Walk of Fame for your whole life. You booked your ticket. Then you get there and it’s by far not what you expected. Hollywood Boulevard turns out to be run-down, dangerous and dirty piece of concrete with roughly 60,000 homeless people sleeping almost everywhere on the streets. Finding that Los Angeles is not even remotely like described in travel brochures might be an experience you share with many other tourists. But too late. Now that you are no longer able to avoid this pitfall, try to make the best out of your stay in L.A. Here are some recommendations.

Car Rental | Under all circumstances rent a car! There is almost no public transportation available that carries you comfortably between the tourist sites, spread all over the region in great distances. And don’t forget: you are not in Europe. There are no car-free streets or pedestrian zones anywhere.

Getty Center | Once you took care of a car, you may start with the Getty Center in the morning at 10:00am when crowds are still limited and parking lots are plenty. The Getty Center itself is for free. You will only pay a parking fee. The Getty Center’s core purpose is to show off the art collection of a guy called J. Paul Getty. He was a super-rich American industrialist (1892 – 1976). While traveling around the globe and taking care of his oil business he also purchased art – in large amounts. Example: In 1983, his Getty Museum acquired 144 illuminated medieval manuscripts from the Ludwig Collection in Aachen, Germany. At least his foundation paid for it. So nobody can ever compare him with colonial-style art robbery a la France or Great Britain.

Hollywood Walk of Fame | Roughly check the position of your favorite artist online before you hit Hollywood’s Walk of Fame. Go straight there, take your snapshot and escape this place as fast as you can.

Hollywood Sign | Since there is no major road leading you close to this famous landmark, instead of annoying local residents you might just hang out at the 4th floor viewing platform of the Hollywood and Highland mall. The view is okayish. If this is not enough, I recommend driving up to Canyon Lake Dr through Beachhead. It routes you through some nice winding streets. You end up at the top of Ledgewood, that is quite cool and free of ice cream trucks, tourist shops, beggars and other BS.

Lakers and Clippers | For basketball fans all the above will not matter much. L.A. remains a magnet for NBA event tourists. There is no more Kobe Bryant on the court. But guys like Blake Griffin and DeAndre Jordan compensate fans when slam dunking over you and both your parents combined.

Disappointing travel destination Los Angeles Clippers. I wonder when it will be their time?
Blake Griffin, L.A. Clippers idol. We really wonder when will it be Clippers time. Lakers had their share of fun, now the Golden State Warriors rule. But the Clippers?

Disappointing travel destination Los Angeles
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