Hidden Tourist spots – Dinant, Belgium

Underrated tourist spots, hidden gems. While some tourist locations are simply loved to death, others still give you room to breathe. Starting today eleven blog posts introduce you to hidden tourist spots a bit off the beaten path, still very much worth a visit. We start with Dinant in Belgium …

Hidden Tourist spots – Dinant, Belgium | Dinant counts 14,000 inhabitants and is located at the Meuse River, at a point where the river cuts its way deep into the western Condroz plateau. Sited in a steep sided valley between rock and river, Dinant had little space to grow, and it therefore developed into a long thin town along the river shore. Why is it worth a stopover? Nice about Dinant is the city’s landmark Church of Notre Dame de Dinant and the fortified Citadel on top of a cliff. For certain jazz lovers Dinant has some kind of extra magnitude, too. The house of Adolphe Sax, inventor of the saxophone, can be found in the street of the same name.

And if your wife does not want to miss out on cheap French pharmacy products: from Dinant it’s just a 20 km ride to neighboring Givet in France.

Hidden tourist spots Dinant Belgium
Dinant, Belgium

Hidden tourist spots Dinant Belgium saxophone
Dinant, birthplace of the saxophone

Hidden tourist spots Dinant Belgium map
Dinant, Belgium – map

Hidden tourist spots Dinant Belgium
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