History of Tourism

History of Tourism | Traveling to far-away destinations to experience other cultures and to visit historical sites has been a reason to travel for centuries – for a few privileged. Since the mid 18th century though, advances in technology such as the expansion of railways, the introduction of cruise liners for tourists and the lift-off for commercial airliners, dramatically increased the opportunities for wider audiences from all backgrounds to become tourists. The following eight blog posts give you an entertaining introduction into the History of modern mass tourism, past and present of the tourist industry. We start with James Cook in Leicester in 1844, take a look at the first winter tourism location in Switzerland, remember the first cruise ship, explore sex tourism, we travel to Antarctica and into space …

1: The Beginning of Leisure Tourism 1844
2: The Beginning of Winter Tourism 1860
3: The first Cruise Ship 1900
4: Sex Tourism since 1950s
5: Space Tourism 2016
6: Most popular Countries for Tourists
7: Forgotten Tourist Destinations
8: Tourism in Antarctica

History of Tourism Thomas Cook Tours 1891 Japan
History of Tourism | Thomas Cook Tours 1891 Japan.

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