Hidden Gem Kandovan

hidden gem kandovan

Hidden Gem Kandovan, Iran | Kandovan is a quite interesting 700 years old village in the East Azerbaijan Province of Iran. Initially the first settlers must have fled up here to avoid clashes with those neck breaking Mongols that were sniffing out the area at that time. The settlement is an architectural oddity and exemplifies

Dogfestival Nepal

dogfestival nepal

Dogfestival Nepal | It’s quite unique! As part of Nepals annual 5-day long Tihar Festival (Deepawali), dogs rule on day two. It’s Dog’s day in Gorkha culture and Nepalize tradition. This second day of this ancient festival is devoted solely to the celebration of man’s best friend: the dog. This second day of Deepawali is called

Dangerous Places for Tourists

running with bulls

Dangerous Places for Tourists | Imagine you are healthy, in good shape and not depressed at all. You are in a foreign country that is considered to be safe. What can happen? Nothing, unless you purposely go to these eight very dangerous tourist attractions: Troll’s Tongue, Norway 1) Troll’s Tongue, Norway | The most famous

Most Popular Tourist Attractions

canada niagrafalls

Most popular tourist attractions | Lifestyle magazine ‘Travel+Leisure‘ published a truly remarkable ranking of the most popular tourist attractions in the world based on pure imagination. Before we will prove them remarkably wrong, here comes the list: #1: Grand Bazaar, Istanbul – 91 million tourists (wrong) #2: The Zócalo, Mexico City – 85 million tourists (wrong)

Grand Rapids Beer and Beaches

grand rapids beer beaches

Grand Rapids Beer and Beaches | Scrolling down the Nomadlist makes you wonder: Aren’t there any other places cheap and good than locations in Thailand? 5 of 10 such good and cheap tourist hot spots are destinations in Thailand. That’s 50%. If checking the top 5 only, it will even be 90% = 4 spots:

New York City Tourist Scam

New York City Tourist Scam | Due to high cost of living New Yorkers are forced to be an ingenious bunch to survive. Everyone is on a hustle. If there is money to be made, someone is already making it. Primary target: tourists. We all know that visiting New York City is expensive enough. Tourists