Mumbai Public Transport Chaos

Mumbai Public Transport Chaos | There is no reason to visit Mumbai (India), except you have business to wrap up or you are slightly crazy. Mumbai is comparable with a huge cancer infection. Although everybody knows this, still approx. 20 million people live and work there voluntarily. To get these fools to work and back

Most Expensive Train Africa

Most Expensive Train Africa | The Rovos Rail Luxury Train between Cape Town and Pretoria is the bigger brother of the competing Blue Train. It’s riding the same route but in a slower, chilled version compared to the Blue Train. Rovos Rail features an extended network of destinations in South Africa, Zimbabwe, Namibia and Tanzania. Cape Town-Pretoria

Crazy Vacation Spots

crazy vacation spots

Crazy Vacation Spots that you can actually book | Airbnb is in large parts complicated when it comes to good returns on investment. Since there are not proper standards enforced, travelers rely on mostly faked airbnb user reviews. You will experience more unpleasant surprises with Airbnb than with regulated booking portals such as agoda, or tripadvisor. Still

Underwater Veggies in Noli’s Bay

Underwater Veggies Nolis Bay

Underwater Veggies in Noli’s Bay, Italy | The Italian province of Savona stretches from Andora to Varazze, also known as “Palmenriviera”. Tourists find large numbers of sandy beaches and hidden bays in this area. Lovely promenades lined with palm trees make vacations something to remember. Scuba diving is one of the favorite tourist activities. In

Puerto Rico Kiteboarding Tour

Puerto Rico Kiteboarding Tour

Puerto Rico Kiteboarding Tour | When it comes to kite surfing you might want to check out a guy named Jeremie Tronet. The following video follows pro-kiteboarder Tronet as he was a participant of a Kite Cup which took place a few years ago in Puerto Rico. He met up with the local OceanRodeo team to

Riding Giant Waves

Riding Giant Waves

It’s now 1 year ago that big wave surfer Carlos Burle took on a giant wave, created by the St. Jude storm near the Portuguese village Nazare. At almost 30.5m (100ft), it is believed to be the biggest wave ever ridden by a surfer … Riding Giant Waves Same as the Brazilian Carlos Burle, Andrew