Understanding Chinese Tourists

understanding chinese tourists

Understanding Chinese Tourists | Quite frequently you hear European tourist resorts complaining about weird behavior from Chinese travelers. These guys can’t get rid of their image of being rude and awful. The following quote is from Mark Twain “They talked loudly and coarsely and laughed boisterously when all others were so quiet and well behaved.”  Twain

Shenzhen Low Carbon City

shenzhen low carbon city

Shenzhen Low Carbon City | Shenzhen is not really a popular tourist destination. The 10 million people metropolis got the Wuton Mountain, some nice beaches and a few historic sites (such as Dapeng Fortress and Splendid China). That is usually not enough to get the attention of western tourists. Especially with China’s air quality index

Chinese Tourists Destroy Sites

Chinese Tourists Destroy Sites | What to do if your money wise important tourists destroy your site? You will have to take urgent action protecting your source of income. This is exactly what happens right now in Japan during “Sakura” – the cherry blossom season. A Chinese woman gatecrashed a restricted area at Tokyo’s Ueno

Sin City Berlin

sin city berlin

Sin City Berlin | From the 1920s to the mid 1930s, the city of Berlin was a melting pot of debauchery and creativity, giving rise to the first institute devoted to the study of sex. In 2005 the Canadian TV channel CBC broadcasted a valuable historic documentary about Germany’s capital as it entered an era

Sin City Shanghai

sin city shanghai

Sin City Shanghai | For a short time in the beginning of the 20th century Shanghai carried the nickname “Paris of the East”. Shanghai was the island of wickedness on the Asian continent. You could get drugs on hotel service and amazingly cheap and good sex. Lead by the British and French, Shanghai catered to