Top 10 Countries Most Beautiful People

Top 10 Countries Most Beautiful People | Almost every young traveler (all men and most young women) is wondering: Where can I find and conquer beautiful people? Top 10 lists of most beautiful people are often inspired by epic battles between beauty queens and became the muse of poetry and storytelling. Mankind tends to put beautiful people up high on a pedestal and worships them from below. Here are the 10 countries with the most beautiful people according to the website

At no. 10: Brazil is a land where the culture is just as diverse as the people. Brazilians don’t have a streamlined characteristic of their ethnicities. Brazilians can come with any color hair and any color of skin, and they are still legitimately Brazilian. The country is very much involved in football and the beach scene, and their beauty is envied by those around the world. Men and women of Brazil are rated highly on, with the men scoring a 41% approval rate and women scoring a 45% approval rating.

No. 9: Along with their language, the people of France are also gorgeous human beings. The obesity rate in France is unusually low, especially for a country that eats bread and cheese all day. From France, Olivier Martinez and Eva Green are two very well-known actors who are very beautiful. French men have an approval rating of 20% while French women have a 35% approval rating. It’s interesting to see the vast differences between French men and women, which means that the women are highly sought after.
Then we have the US. Granted, the United States is a melting pot of all kinds of different cultures and countries. But this also means that people of different descents have come together to create even more beautiful people, thus birthing some beautiful hybrids of gorgeous people. The United States has also given the world some of the most beautiful movie stars. When it comes to the acceptance rates on, American men have an approval rate of 24% and American women have an approval rating of 36%.
No. 7: From the land of Norway, where the origins of many of our best known fairy tales come from, also is the home country to some of the most gorgeous people in the world. Men get accepted on with a 27% approval rating while Norwegian women have an approval rating of 71%.
These are just some of the countries included in this video. The people get more beautiful as the list continues. Just wait for Sweden :) And yes: runner-ups are at #11: Venzuela and #12: India.

Top 10 Countries Most Beautiful People
10: Brazil
9: France
8: United States
7: Norway
6: Argentina
5: Canada
4: Denmark
3: Spain
2: Italy
1: Sweden

top 10 countries beautiful people
Top 10 Countries Most Beautiful People: Sweden wins.

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