Top 10 Inner Cities 2018

Top 10 Inner Cities 2018 | The amount of historic inner cities still being in tact is actually dramatically low. In large parts cities need to re-invent themselves again and again to keep pace with the economic needs of their regions. But against the odds some cities successfully resist this desire to destroy history for the sake of money. Our favorites in this category are listed here. Top 10 inner cities of 2018 – pure pearls!


Top 10 Inner Cities 2018 carcassone
Carcassone is a medieval town with two rings of 100% intact city walls.

No. 1: Carcassone (France). Of course a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Only 230 people remain living in the historic inner city. The first time we heard about Carcassone was during our French language lessons at university. The book we used to learn French (Passepartout) mentioned Carcassone. That chapter really captured our imagination. Still it took us 20 more years to finally get there.


Top 10 Inner Cities 2018 dubrovnik
Dubrovnik and Carcassone have a lot in common.

No. 2: Dubrovnik (Croatia). Another UNESCO World Heritage Site. We did walk the entire city wall. It gave us breath taking views.


Top 10 Inner Cities 2018 Bruges
Explore Bruges by boat. It’s worth it!

No. 3: Bruges (Brugge, Belgium). Its channels can compete with Amsterdam. After checking in 10 years ago for the first time, we now paid Bruges a second visit. The city didn’t loose any of it’s charm. Side note: If you like mussels, take your lunch at a small restaurant called “Gruuthus Hof” at Mariastraat. But go early. The place is well-known for it’s excellent cuisine.


Top 10 Inner Cities 2018 Gent
Gent und Bruges are only 45 car minutes away from each other.

No. 4: Gent (Belgium). Comparable with its nearby rival Bruges, Gent also offers many channels and historic sites. This city looks like a medieval Disneyland. Every single historic building is fully intact. The inner city is keep free of cars – a very smart move by the Burgermeister!


Top 10 Inner Cities 2018 Manhattan
Manhattan: Empire State Building, Grand Central, Liberty-Statue, Wallstreet, Central-Park.

No. 5: Manhattan (United States). Thanks to steel, the influence of Jewish wealth and Art Deco Zeitgeist Manhattan still is something special. Once in your life you should pay it a visit. But once is enough. Tick if off your bucket list and head towards some place more peaceful.


Top 10 Inner Cities 2018 Beijing
UNESCO World Heritage Site: The Forbidden City in Beijing.

No. 6: Beijing (China). Brutally smoggy and massively overrun by tourists the Forbidden City in the heart of Beijing successfully patiently deals with these unfortunate circumstances day by day. We spent one week in Beijing in 2014. It was a very interesting experience we only need to make once in our lives.

New Orleans

Top 10 Inner Cities 2018 New Orleans
New Orleans: Much noise for almost nothing.

No. 7: New Orleans (United States). Although 85,000 people work in the tourist industry of New Orleans, the city cannot live up to his ambitions. But Bourbon Street is quite nice.


Top 10 Inner Cities 2018 Innsbruck
Innsbruck (Austria). The city of the guilds is still alive! Even McDonald is forced to follow a very special bylaw and shows a guild sign at its entrance.

No. 8: Innsbruck. For Germans, Austria is a very common place to spend their vacations – year in year out. Logically Innsbruck in the heart of the Alp mountains will get your attention sooner or later.

Angkor Wat

Top 10 Inner Cities 2018 Angkor Wat
Angkor Wat: built in the 12th century, forgotten, re-animated in 1908.

No. 9: Angkor Wat (Cambodia). The Reconstruction of this unique historic site started some 100 years ago. And speed is catching up now. In 1993 only 7650 tourists checked in here. 20 years later the statistics show 1 million visitors – each paying US$40 entrance fee. Today you can see French, German, Indian, Chinese and US-american redevelopment projects taking place throughout the area. If you want to avoid the masses we recommend to visit a more hidden place such as “Ta Prohm” (= Angelina Jolie’s Tomb Raider temple) in the morning. Then stroll thru the main sites of Angkor Wat after 10am.

Stonetown (Zanzibar)

Top 10 Inner Cities 2018 Stonetown Zanzibar
Stonetown (Zanzibar): It definitely got potential. But somebody needs to take a lot of money in his hands and do something.

No. 10: Stonetown (Zanzibar). The old city of Zanzibar is called Stonetown. Built less than 200 years ago it already looks like 2000 years old. You might need to bring some goodwill and overlook some rubbish to keep a positive vibration for this place. But those who make it to this remote city usually enjoy Stonetown.

That’s our personal list of the Top 10 Inner Cities of 2018. We hope you liked it. More top lists will be coming. Stay tuned.

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