Trickle of Turquoise is back

A trickle of turquoise is back | The Agua Azul Waterfalls in Chiapas, Mexico were famous for their cascading bright turquoise water and a strong tourist magnet. But after the huge 8.2 magnitude earthquake in September they dried up. Only few tourists did arrive since then as it became public knowledge that there was no water.

trickle turquoise back at Agua Azur Falls Mexico
Before and after the earthquake: At least a trickle of turquoise is back at Agua Azur Falls, Chiapas, Mexico.

What to do? The local economy was heavily depending on tourism. Mexico’s Government promised to send experts to investigate. But as we all know, this is not Japan where a public apology is due if a train leaves the terminal 20 seconds too early. This is Mexico. Local people in Chiapas had no option but to take action themselves. They grabbed picks and shovels to shift rocks and mud. The result is not a blast, but by now at least a trickle of turquoise is back. Optimistic voices claim the falls should be back to normal within a month.

The earthquake on September 7, 2017 did hit Chiapas badly, killing approx. 100 people and many homes damaged or even completely destroyed.

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