urban beaches barceloneta

Urban Beaches: Barceloneta

Urban Beaches: Barceloneta | It looks as if they did it for Michael Jordan :) Barcelona got even better when the Summer Olympics came here in 1992. The coastline got a serious makeover. Barcelona would open up to the sea. Some old restaurants and public bathhouses needed to be torn down and replaced with a first-rate beach. The sandy Barceloneta beach was topped with beautiful hotels and incredibly nice new restaurants. Day or night, tourists will find the coolest crowds here. There are over 1100 meters of beach to enjoy, along with an abundance of sea activities. And even better: you can actually walk to the city center of Barcelona via a walkway lined with palm trees, cafes and landmarks. Tourists don’t initially come to Barcelona for Barceloneta Beach, but once they are in this gorgeous Catalan city they shouldn’t miss out on it.

Urban Beaches Barceloneta
Barceloneta. This is Barcelona’s urban beach.

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