urban beaches tamariz

Urban Beaches: Tamariz

Urban Beaches: Tamariz | Just a half hour train ride away from Lisbon’s city center this urban beach is popular among both locals and tourists. The setting here is absolutely beautiful: 350 meters of beach, sand and open sea. The waters are calm, and the beach itself is sandy which makes it a perfect family setting. The eastern edge of Tamariz beach actually features an ocean swimming pool with slightly warmer temperatures than the sea. Chair rentals can be expensive, so many local people choose to bring their own along. A beautiful medieval palace overlooks this beach, only adding to its charm and beauty. Plenty of cafes and restaurants are located nearby, making it easy to spend the entire day here. And yes, people do jump into the water. It’s not too polluted.

Urban Beaches Tamariz
Urban beaches: Castle near Tamariz Beach. Lisbon.


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