weird places japan

Weird Places: Japan

Weird Places: Japan | Our weird place no. 3 is the entire country of Japan. For the western mindset Japan can be quite weird. Japanese people eat raw fish in the morning. They celebrate the phallus. They nap on cockroach cushions. They pretend to sleep at work and they buy snake wine or shrimp ice cream for desert … Here is a list of things about Japan that baffle foreigners.

Slurping is a good thing. Noodles, especially buckwheat noodles (called “Soba”), need to be slurped loudly when eaten. That indicates the food is delicious, which is considered to be a compliment to the chef. Such behavior would insult any other chef outside Japan.

The smallest hotel room in the world to sleep in you find in Japan. A so-called capsule hotel is originated in Osaka. It features a set of extremely small capsules designed for an overnight stay. To a western tourist this is simply torture. Some German travelers checked it out and wrote about it ->

Inemuri = Napping during work hours. In Europe, if an employee is falling asleep in the office, this will most likely earn him a one-way ticket to the exit door. Japanese business culture is different. It recognizes the hard working employee. Means: you work so hard that you are forced to take a nap – an “inemuri” (napping on the job). But rules do apply! One must remain upright. It is said that some people even fake “inemuri”, to make the boss believe they are working hard. Welcome to Japan.

This 4-minute video clip we found on Vimeo. It brings you is a short but cool collection of moments and memories of a railway journey through Japan. The makers experienced a culture that balances its rich tradition with a futuristic present. Filmed by Vincent Urban, Alex Schiller and Alex Tank.

weird places japan
What the front door? Japan is weird …

What the front door? Japan is weird ...
Too much snake wine or too much raw fish …

weird places japan
Weird places Japan

weird places japan
Diet Water … Yep! That will work out just fine if you really believe in it.

weird places japan
Weird places Japan.

weird places japan
You thought you’ve seen it all. But then came phallus ice cream.

Diet Water ... Yep! That will work out just fine.
Jeans fashion in Japan.

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