eSports Tourism Chapter 2

eSports Tourism Birmingham 2018

eSports Tourism Chapter 2: The United Kingdom’s 1st! For the first time in Dota history, Great Britain was welcoming players, talent and fans for an entire weekend of Dota 2 action. The eSports event took place from May 25th to 27th at the Arena in Birmingham, King Edwards Rd. This first Dota 2 Major in

Angel Falls Venezuela

angel falls venezuela

Getting there is not easy: Angel Falls Venezuela | Our second blog post introducing remote places that are worth visiting is about the Angel Falls in Venezuela. Plenty of travel guides say that it is life threatening to visit these Falls. To get there you would have to enter Venezuela. This fact alone turns away 99% of potentially

Getting there is not easy: Easter Island

easter island chile

Getting there is not easy: Easter Island | Today we start another mini series of eight blog posts, introducing you to remote places that are worth it. #1: Easter Island, Chile. Easter Island is incredibly remote. The nearest continental point to Easter Island lies in central Chile: 3,512 kilometers away. Why it’s worth going there? Because of

Medical Tourism on the Rise

medical tourism south korea

Medical Tourism on the Rise | A heart bypass for $5,200? Not in the United States, but elsewhere! Although numbers are hard to get by, several indicators suggest that medical tourism is going thru the roof recently. Factors that have led to the increasing popularity of medical travel include the high cost of health care, long

Top 7 dollar-friendly destinations

7 dollar-friendly tourist destinations: Bulgaria

Top 7 dollar-friendly destinations | The following seven cheap holiday destinations are not overcrowded yet. Most of the locations listed do not provide 5-star-standards in top notch regions. But if you don’t mind some rough edges, they might turn out to be your next diamond destinations. Before we start our list, we want to give

World’s Cruelest Animal Attractions

worlds cruelest animal attractions

World’s Cruelest Animal Attractions | Besides Trophy Hunting, what is the second most cruel thing in Wildlife Tourism? Minnesota dentist Walter Palmer made big headlines in 2016, when killing a famous male lion in Zimbabwe’s Hwange National Park. Trophy Hunting is by far the cruelest thing a tourist can do to an animal. But do