Malaysia to open its borders

Malaysia tourism collapsed

Malaysia might reopen its borders as early as Mid March. An entire industry is desperately waiting for it to happen … Malaysia was one of those few countries where the share of tourism’s total contribution to  the national GDP used to be above 10%. Other big players in this category: Thailand, Croatia, Portugal, Greece and

Thailand remains closed to Tourists

On November 26, Thailand’s Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha made it clear: The borders will remain closed to tourists until a vaccine to overcoming the crisis of the COVID pandemic is in use …

10 overrated Tourist Attractions

10 overrated Tourist Attractions

First of all we call them ‘tourist traps’: heavily advertised but mostly overpriced unattractive places. Hyped for whatever reason they turn you down right from the moment you set foot in it. Likewise a look under the hood does not make things better. Most of these tourist traps are notoriously dirty and overcrowded. Here are ten perfect examples …

Top 5 Worlds Oldest Hotels

Top 5 worlds oldest hotels Japan

Prostitution might probably be the oldest ongoing profession in the world. Hence somebody had to rent out beds. Most of the world’s longest-running hotels are located in Japan, where hotels did welcome pleasure seeking Samurai fighters in the 7th century AD. But there are also some equally historic hotels outside the land of the rising sun …

Top 10 Impressive Waterfalls

top 10 impressive waterfalls

The majority of them you will never be able to visit, because some are located in countries inaccessible for tourists (such as Venezuela). Others are freaking far away (Chile, New Zealand). And some are found in quite chilly areas (Iceland). So consider yourself lucky if you already made it to at least one of the following top 10 most impressive waterfalls on earth …

Top 10 Oldest Cities continually inhabited

Top 10 oldest cities continually inhabited

Top 10 oldest cities continually inhabited | Have you ever wondered what is the oldest city continually-inhabited by humans? London was founded in 43AD, Rome in 753BC, Lisbon in 1000BC (which indicates an impressive age of 3000+ years). But there are far older cities out there. This article will reveal the name of a city existing continually for more than 11,000 years. We pair this with some serious tourist advise. Let’s start with #10: Beirut …