Vacation that really matters

vacation that really matters

Taking a vacation that really matters | We are living in the hyper-connected age of smartphones, tweets and social newsfeeds. How do we take vacation? There are different flavors: (A) just taking time off at home, (B) travel for fun but semi-tethered to your digital devices, and (C) leaving home for a complete digital detox.

Marina Bay Sands Review

marina bay sands review

Marina Bay Sands Review | The Marina Bay Sands in Singapore became a landmark right after its grand opening in 2011. Singapore desperately needed this hotel. Already facing a slowing world economy, the south-east asian metropolis regularly gets hit by the “Haze” – a nasty men-made smog coming from neighboring Indonesia. And until 2011 Singapore had nothing

Best Compact Cameras 2018

Best Compact Cameras 2018

Best Compact Cameras 2018 | We want to settle with no less than 20 Megapixels and a decent zoom lens. A max. resolution of 4000×3000 would be great. All that below 250 gramm please and below $400. These are the contenders in todays review of the best mirrorless compact cameras: Canon Powershot SX730 (1) Canon

6 Amazing Pools

6 amazing pools

6 Amazing Pools | Today it’s getting wet. Our blog post introduces you to six true masterpieces of a pool. Some are natural beauties, some manmade marvels. We found them in Singapore, Greece, Switzerland, Tanzania, Bali and Arizona. 6 Amazing Pools: Marina Bay Sands, Singapore | Our first amazing pool is located in the Marina

Paradise Thailand

paradise thailand koh tao

Paradise Thailand | When booking a vacation in the tropics, many of us look for paradise. So let’s define it. Paradise is a place in which existence is positive, harmonious and timeless. It is the counter-image of our daily grind. Instead of fighting for comfort, in paradise comfort is a pre-set. And in addition to

Wireless Noise Canceling Headphones

wireless noise canceling headphones sony

Wireless Noise Canceling Headphones are part of our Top Travel Gear List – ranking items that make traveling more comfortable. Long distance journeys are not always fun. A red eyes flight in the back of an A380 can be quite stressful due to constant airplane cabin noise. To cancel this out you might consider getting wireless