Hidden Gem Krabi Thailand

hidden gem krabi

Hidden Gem Krabi Thailand | In 1999 the coastal province of Krabi (Southern Thailand) finally got an international airport. This was the bottle opener for large scale tourism. In 2017 approx. 4.5 million passengers arrived here, the vast majority of them heading straight towards Aonang, the most popular holiday resort in the region. The Krabi

ByeBye Plastic Bags – Bali’s last Chance?

byebye plastic bags bali

ByeBye Plastic Bags – Bali’s last Chance? | Bali – the so-called Island of Gods – has long lost its magic. With a steady 10%+ increase of tourist arrivals over the last 30 years (4.6 million in 2016) it would have been necessary to back up this growing influx with an infrastructure that keeps side

World Traveler Lois Pryce

world traveler lois pryce

World Traveler Lois Pryce | A well sorted travel alphabet is not complete with an entry at the letter L for Lois Pryce. She is a professional world traveler and therefore one of our idols. Born in Aberdeen in 1973 she attended school in Bristol and has been living in London since 1992. Lois Pryce

How safe is Istanbul for Tourists?

Istiklal street istanbul

How safe is Istanbul for Tourists now? 2 1/2 years ago, this question immediately came up again after another terror attack at Atatürk Airport. Turkey in general is a very tourist-friendly country, and Istanbul in particular a popular tourist destination. The numbers of western tourists are staggering high despite all terror attacks in the past

Why is Pattaya so popular?

pattaya popular

Pataya Popular | Pattaya welcomes more tourists per year than is has inhabitants. Why is this location so popular? This we know so far:  Located 150 km southeast of Bangkok, the coastal tourist destination counts approx. 100,000 souls. Temperatures are constantly in the upper 20s, hitting 30 degrees celsius almost every day. Tourists arrive in

Cape York Peninsula un-spoilt beauty

cape york peninsular crocodile eats crocodile

Cape York Peninsula Un-spoilt Beauty | Cape York Peninsula in North Eastern Australia is a large remote peninsula located in upper Queensland. Yes, we know: Australia in general and Queensland in particular have better places to offer than this mostly flat Eucalyptus scenery. But Cape York represents the largest area of wilderness in Downunder – one of