6 Amazing Pools

6 amazing pools
6 Amazing Pools: Havasu Falls in the United States is our winner.

6 Amazing Pools | Today it’s getting wet. Our blog post introduces you to six true masterpieces of a pool. Some are natural beauties, some man made marvels. We found them in Singapore, Greece, Switzerland, Tanzania, Bali and Arizona.

Marina Bay Sands, Singapore | Our first amazing pool is located in the Marina Bay Sands Hotel in Singapore; impressive in many ways. The roof top pool might have the most impressive aspect of all. Almost 150 meters long, it claims to be the longest elevated pool in the world. It’s located on top of the three towers of Marina Bay Sands at 183 meters height. The view over Singapore is astonishing. Unfortunately the pool is for hotel guests only. And still even as a privileged hotel guest you will feel very crowded at this amazing roof top pool.    Rating: view 5/5, pool 5/5

6 Amazing Pools
Amazing pools:  infinity pool on top of Marina Bay Sands Hotel

Thasos, Greece | Our no. 2 most amazing pool we found on the Greek island of Thasos. The Giola pool had been naturally carved into a sea-facing wall. The pool is filled with ocean waters and warmed by sunshine. According to myths and legends the entire Giola lagoon is the eye of Zeus. This Greek God created Giola for Aphrodite – Goddess of beauty and love. The pool is only accessible by foot. To get there requires a walk quite some distance. But it’s worth it.   Rating: view 2/5, pool 5/5

Amazing Pool Greece
Amazing Pool Greece

Switzerland | The Hotel “Cambrian” in the Swiss village of Adelboden made it into our list of our Amazing Pools not so much because of the pool itself but because of stunning views throughout the year. Ok, we know: it is actually quite hard to go anywhere in the Alps without coming across a breathtaking vista. So technically this pool is just benefiting from the fact of being located in a place of eternal beauty.    Rating: view 5/5, pool 1/5

6 Amazing Pools Switzerland
Pool at Hotel Cambrian in Switzerland. Your view in Summer and in Winter.

Tanzania | Swimming in African water holes is generally not recommended. First you might catch deadly diseases and second you might be eaten by a croc or a lion. The Sanctuary Pool at Sanctuary Swala, Tanzania might be that ONE perfect exception. Set within the outstanding beauty of Tarangire NP, it overlooks a water hole, allowing you to watch rare wildlife including lions. The pool is sheltered by a number of the nice baobab trees that are characteristic of this region. This pool is located at The Four Seasons, Serengeti, Tanzania. Watch the elephants drink in their watering hole while you chill our in yours.   Rating: view 5/5, pool 1/5

amazing pool tanzania
Amazing pool Tanzania

6 Amazing Pools: Bali | In the small sleepy city of Ubud – a 1.5 hours car ride away from Bali International Airport – you will find one of the most photographed pools ever in The Hanging Gardens Ressort (Desa Buahan, Payangan, 80571 Payangan, Bali, Indonesia). The pool is a perfect example of how a high effort leads to an even higher reward. The world is full of boring cheap architecture. By giving a project just a bit more strategic input and a bit more money you easily outcompete the entire neighorhood. The Hanging Gardens of Bali are now constantly outbooked with weddings. For the owner the return on investment should be satisfying. And yeah, there are copy cats around, as you can see in the phots below :)   Rating: view 4/5, pool 5/5

amazing pool bali
Amazing pools in Ubud, Bali

Amazing Pools: Arizona | The Havasu Falls Natural Pool in Arizona (US) will give you that one truly authentic pure natural swimming experience you dreamt of. Head to Havasu Falls near Supai, Arizona. You’ll find a magical place where the traditional culture of the local Havasupai people and stunning Mother Nature come together in all the glory possible. Only limited numbers of tourists are allowed to visit! You will need to obtain an entry ticket from the Havasupai tribe. If you are lucky by getting such permit, most probably you’ll have this incredible view all to yourself.   Rating: view 5/5, pool 5/5

amazing pool bali
Amazing pools: Havasu Falls near Supai, Arizona.

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