7 Reasons Why Frequent Travelers Are More Successful

7 reasons frequent travelers successful
7 reasons frequent travelers successful

7 Reasons Why Frequent Travelers Are More Successful | Today’s blog post gives you a few answers on why frequent travelers are more successful than couch potatoes.

Frequent Travelers accept other cultures

(1) Frequent travelers – especially when visiting developing countries – are always meeting new interesting people. They become good at learning about different cultures. Curiosity kicks in; the desire to learn about these “strange” places they visit. This inspires conversations that help travelers understand and accept the person and the culture on a deeper level. They make friends. This growing acceptance of another culture / another view on things, helps to act smart at home.

Frequent Travelers know how to thrive outside the comfort zone

(2) Frequent travelers are much more often in unfamiliar situations than couch potatoes. They must work through the unknown. By facing countless new experiences they learn valuable lessons. They copy strategies that helped them shoulder uncertainty. They remain calm and effective in situations where average people loose their balance. This is a key skill for success in both business and leading people.

They embrace change

(3) After you made this experience a few times, it becomes a drug: Frequent travelers are constantly looking for change, for new and different things, simply to avoid boredom. In business this attitude is very welcome in a fast pacing environment. The ability to adopt to necessary changes is of a very high value for success. Frequent travelers are able think innovative and are more creative.

Frequent Travelers are able to listen

(4) People who travel a lot, listen a lot. They need to adopt to new situations. So the better listen and learn. On the road learning never stops. The same is true for doing business. If you are not able to listen and learn, your once successful business will for sure go down hard and fast.

They manage their emotions

(5) Frequent travelers regularly experience varying levels of stress. Unpunctual pickup services, tight flight connections, interrogations by border police, naiggling taxi drivers, rip-off attempts, ignorant hotel staff … all that would normally make adrenaline kicking into your blood stream real fast. It can cause some intense over-reactions at the hotel counter. Frequent travelers did already learn that -> see no. 1. They embrace the ability to manage emotions. They remain calm under pressure developing keen self-awareness. Being self-aware increases your productivity by at least another 100% if not even more.

Frequent Travelers have a higher trust level

(6) While others continue to stay under pressure, frequent travelers have already found sleep, because they don’t always need to be in control. They accept to rely on other people. They had to learn that by dealing with language barriers, strange looking taxi drivers in cities far away from home. They did depend on the kindness of complete strangers. This ability to trust helps them build new relationships – not just in business.

They manage fear and take action

(7) Frequent travelers know when it’s time to take action. Thru the experience of traveling a lot they had been put in situations where there was no turning back. It made them face fears and take action despite that fear.

These are 7 reasons why frequent travelers are more successful. By willingly going thru all this hardship, frequent travelers have developed the ability to recognize and seize opportunities earlier. Experiences and additional knowledge helps them to improve, to judge, to negotiate better, to lead in a cooperative style.

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7 reasons frequent travelers successful. By Chili and Chirp | Hugging Horizons since 2004.