Angel Falls Venezuela

angel falls venezuela
Angel Falls Venezuela

Getting there is not easy: Angel Falls Venezuela | Our second blog post introducing remote places that are worth visiting is about the Angel Falls in Venezuela. Plenty of travel guides say that it is life threatening to visit these Falls. To get there you would have to enter Venezuela. This fact alone turns away 99% of potentially interested travelers, seeking for safer destinations. And the remaining 1% is either suicidal or misinformed about what it means to enter Venezuela.

Angel Falls Venezuela
Getting there is not easy: Angel Falls Venezuela

Despite all the violence in Venezuela, why it is still worth traveling to the Angel Falls in Venezuela? You would pay a visit to the world’s highest uninterrupted waterfall, with a plunge of 807 meters. The surrounding nature is just beautiful. This amazing waterfall had only been discovered in 1938 by a guy named Jimmie Angel. He was a U.S. aviator.

How to get to the Angel Falls Venezuela

You would have to fly to Canaima, Venezuela. That involves a connecting flight from Caracas to Ciudad Bolívar or Puerto Ordaz and from Ciudad Bolívar or Puerto Ordaz to Canaima. From there you need to spend more effort, money, and time to finally lay our eyes on this mystical waterfall. Once in Canaima, you should take a 4-hour river trip upstream to the Angel Falls Trail (called ‘Sendero Salto Angel’). Next you will walk another 1.5 hours steeply uphill. Make no mistake! This hike is very challenging.

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