Angkor Wat Secrets

Angkor Wat Secrets
Angkor Wat Secrets. Photo by Chili.

Angkor Wat Secrets | Today’s article is not intending to be a complete guide for visiting the monuments at Angkor Wat. Still it should give you enough of an idea and make you hungry.

Angkor Wat – a temple complex in the heart of Cambodia – is the largest religious monument in the world. It was originally constructed in the 12th century as a Hindu temple for the Khmer Empire. But gradually it transformed into a Buddhist temple. It was built by the Khmer King Suryavarman II, and became the capital of the Khmer Empire, his state temple and eventual mausoleum. In the 12th century when London counted meager 30,000 inhabitants, Angkor Wat almost reached 1 million people living in its boundaries.

Angkor Wat Secrets Secrets In The Dust Collection Secrets of Angkor History Channel
Video “Secrets of Angkor” = Episode 12 of a series called “Secrets In The Dust Collection” by History Channel.

Angkor Wat Secrets

Angkor Wat Secrets
Angkor Wat Secrets. Photo by Chili

The 12th century temple of Angkor Wat is now a major tourist attraction in Asia, Cambodia’s most famous. Angkor Wat once was the center of an even larger kingdom. In the 13th century this was the greatest city in the ancient world. Taking a look will cost you US$20 for a one-day-pass or US$40 for 3 days. And this is what you will get: unique wonderful photographic opportunities. The monuments and the surrounding jungle afford unlimited textural and lighting opportunities for composing pictures.

But you better be early. At 6am in the morning the sun will greet you from the east. 12 hours later you are standing in the dark. There are almost no street lights in Angkor. You rely on natural daylight. Visiting hours are 5:00AM – 6:00PM. Angkor Wat closes at 6:00PM, Banteay Srey closes at 5:00PM and Kbal Spean already at 3:00PM.

These should be your targets: Ta Prohm – Jungle Temple, Angkor Thom – a microcosm of the universe, Bayon – the tourists favorite, and of course Angkor Wat – the icon.

Angkor Wat Secrets
Angkor Wat Secrets: Ta Prohm is a good starting point in the morning. This temple complex was part of the scenery in Angelina Jolie’s movie “Tomb Raider”. Photo by Chili.
Angkor Wat secrets. Photo by Chili.

Where to stay near Angkor Wat

Although Cambodia is not famous for having a decent infrastructure, the city of Siem Reap near Angkor is kind of okish. It offers beds for all budgets. lists 170 properties in Siem Reap and another 700 in the region. The cheapest shelter comes at US$10. Look out for Pamy’s Maison Extra Room or Villa N7Salakanseng. 5 star fun can cost you US$400 per night, for example at the Angkor Village Suites Opens in Siem Reap (4 km from Angkor Wat).

Angkor Wat Secrets where to stay near Angkor
Where to stay near Angkor: Siem Reap will most likely be your base camp. Book a property here.

Angkor Wat Secrets. By Chili & Chirp | Check out more about travel destinations in Asia here -> ASIA.