Australia’s All-Stars

Australia's All Stars
Australia’s All Stars

Australia’s All-Stars | 8 million tourists land in Downunder each year, led by Chinese and Kiwis (each 1.4 million). The tourist industry employs half a million Aussies. Tourism counts for 3% of Australia’s GDP. This continent must have something unique. And after visiting Melbourne, Hobart, the Great Ocean Road, Kakadu NP, the Grampians, Darwin, Ayers Rock, Echuca, Wilson’s Prom, Mt Kosciuszko, Phillip Island and various National Parks in between Chili & Churp are here to confirm: Australia has what it takes. This country is a superb tourist destination, dotted with stunning nature, a bit of big city buzz, great weather and very friendly people. Here are our recommendations so far:

Stay tuned. We got more articles about Downunder in the making.

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