Cape York Peninsula un-spoilt beauty

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Cape York Peninsula Un-spoilt Beauty | Cape York Peninsula in North Eastern Australia is a large remote peninsula located in upper Queensland. Yes, we know: Australia in general and Queensland in particular have better places to offer than this mostly flat Eucalyptus scenery. But Cape York represents the largest area of wilderness in Downunder – one of

Jordan back on Tourist Map

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Jordan back on Tourist Map | Among westerners any country connected to the Arab culture is carrying a warning sign. The way islamic societies treat women and the way they think about so-called ‘non-believers’ makes creates mix emotions. Therefore countries such as Afghanistan, Iran, Pakistan, Yemen, Lebanon or Palestine are not even listed as destinations

Eiffel Tower Fancy Glass Floor

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Eiffel Tower Fancy Glass Floor | Hard to believe that this piece of a genius was originally built as a temporary structure. Part of the Paris’ Universal Exhibition the iconic Eiffel Tower did rise up in 1889 – just in time to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the French Revolution. It was planned to tear

Hidden Gem Chiang Mai

hidden gem chiang mai

Hidden Gem Chiang Mai | We are constantly wondering, which place might be the best for our next vacation. But each of us has different requirements when it comes to rankings of tourist destinations. Some like it hot, others cheap, Chili and Churp prefer smaller towns instead of mega cities. Single women look out for female

Hidden Gem Kandovan

hidden gem kandovan

Hidden Gem Kandovan, Iran | Kandovan is a quite interesting 700 years old village in the East Azerbaijan Province of Iran. Initially the first settlers must have fled up here to avoid clashes with those neck breaking Mongols that were sniffing out the area at that time. The settlement is an architectural oddity and exemplifies

Dogfestival Nepal

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Dogfestival Nepal | It’s quite unique! As part of Nepals annual 5-day long Tihar Festival (Deepawali), dogs rule on day two. It’s Dog’s day in Gorkha culture and Nepalize tradition. This second day of this ancient festival is devoted solely to the celebration of man’s best friend: the dog. This second day of Deepawali is called