Malaysia to open its borders

Malaysia tourism collapsed

Malaysia might reopen its borders as early as Mid March. An entire industry is desperately waiting for it to happen … Malaysia was one of those few countries where the share of tourism’s total contribution to  the national GDP used to be above 10%. Other big players in this category: Thailand, Croatia, Portugal, Greece and

Thailand remains closed to Tourists

On November 26, Thailand’s Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha made it clear: The borders will remain closed to tourists until a vaccine to overcoming the crisis of the COVID pandemic is in use …

Abandoned Houtouwan village reclaimed by nature

Houtouwan Joe Nafis aerial view

Reclaimed by Nature: The abandoned Houtouwan Village, located on a small island off Shanghai*. Houtouwan is a dying fishing village on the northern edge of Shengshan Island, accessible via a bridge from Gouqi island. Houtouwan used to be home to approx. 2,000 people, mostly fishermen …

Paradise Thailand

paradise thailand koh tao

Paradise Thailand | When booking a vacation in the tropics, many of us look for paradise. So let’s define it. Paradise is a place in which existence is positive, harmonious and timeless. It is the counter-image of our daily grind. Instead of fighting for comfort, in paradise comfort is a pre-set. And in addition to this you will find peace, prosperity, and happiness …

Israel for Beginners

Bells Cave Beit Guvrin National Park Israel

Israel for Beginners | Mostly because of never ending tensions between Muslims and Jews, Israel has not yet been able to compete with other popular mediterranean travel destinations in attracting international tourists. But the so-called ‘Holy Land’ actually has a charming side and many historical sites waiting for you …

China Hidden Tourist Spots

Honghe Hani Rice Terraces

China’s Hidden Tourist Spots Top 10 | Sure they are not really hidden, but somehow not easy to reach because distances are huge. The following locations are worth a visit – if you have time and you are willing to live without internet: China’s Hidden Tourist Spots …