Underrated Tourist Spots – Shirakawa-Go, Japan

Underrated tourist spots Shirakawa-go Japan

Underrated tourist spots Shirakawa-go Japan | Japan is not famous for preserving historic buildings. But there are exceptions. The villages of Shirakawa-gō and Gokayama are a Japanese UNESCO World Heritage Site …

Documentary about Chinese Tourists

Documentary Chinese Tourists

Documentary about Chinese Tourists | Three years ago, 98 million Mainland China tourists went overseas – predominantly to Europe. In 2017, more than 100 million mainland Chinese had travelled abroad. That was a new a record for China, according to CNTA – the China National Tourism Administration. And numbers are rising each year …

Marina Bay Sands Review

marina bay sands review

Marina Bay Sands Review | The Marina Bay Sands in Singapore became a landmark right after its grand opening in 2011. Singapore desperately needed this hotel. Already facing a slowing world economy, the south-east asian metropolis regularly gets hit by the “Haze” – a nasty men-made smog coming from neighboring Indonesia …

Goa Tourism Down

goa tourism down

Goa Tourism Down | Influenced by 450 years of Portuguese rule and Latin culture, Goa did present a somewhat different India to foreign visitors. But nowadays Goa seems to have been fallen from grace …

Hongkong Strong

hongkong strong

Hongkong Strong | Mega city Hongkong is no longer a top destination for tourists. Crowded skyscraper-dotted streets make it hard to move forward while keeping a relaxed mood. Still we’d like to spend some thoughts on this place. Let’s start with a pretty cool Vimeo video clip that captures people’s imagination: Brandon Li ‘Hong Kong Strong’ …

Dogfestival Nepal

dogfestival nepal

Dogfestival Nepal | It’s quite unique! As part of Nepals annual 5-day long Tihar Festival (Deepawali), dogs rule on day two. It’s Dog’s day in Gorkha culture and Nepalize tradition. This second day of this ancient festival is devoted solely to the celebration of man’s best friend: the dog. This second day of Deepawali is called