Documentary about Chinese Tourists

Documentary Chinese Tourists

Documentary about Chinese Tourists | Three years ago, 98 million Mainland China tourists went overseas – predominantly to Europe. In 2017, more than 100 million mainland Chinese had travelled abroad. That was a new a record for China, according to CNTA – the China National Tourism Administration. And numbers are rising each year …

China Hidden Tourist Spots

Honghe Hani Rice Terraces

China’s Hidden Tourist Spots Top 10 | Sure they are not really hidden, but somehow not easy to reach because distances are huge. The following locations are worth a visit – if you have time and you are willing to live without internet: China’s Hidden Tourist Spots …

Tulou Concealed Ancient Chinese Fortress

Tulou Concealed Ancient Chinese Fortress

Tulou Concealed Ancient Chinese Fortress | For hundreds of years, China’s fortified tulous have protected entire villages from outside intruders. Then came China’s modernization madness, leaving the old smelly tulou sites behind in decline. But recently an unexpected savior appeared: Tourism … In 2008 a total of 46 remaining Fujian tulou sites were inscribed by

Understanding Chinese Tourists

understanding chinese tourists

Understanding Chinese Tourists | Quite frequently you hear European tourist resorts complaining about weird behavior from Chinese travelers, being rude, uncivilized and awful. These unlucky tourists from the Far East simply can’t get rid of false prejudice. Let’s start with a quote from Mark Twain: “They talked loudly and coarsely and laughed boisterously when all others

Shenzhen Low Carbon City

shenzhen low carbon city

Shenzhen Low Carbon City | Shenzhen is not really a popular tourist destination. Shenzhen can be compared with the Silicon Valley in the U.S. Lots of tech companies did settle here. Regarding things touristy: the 10 million people metropolis got Mount Wuton, some nice beaches and a few historic sites (such as Dapeng Fortress and

Sin City Shanghai

sin city shanghai

Sin City Shanghai | For a short time in the beginning of the 20th century Shanghai carried the nickname “Paris of the East”. Shanghai was the island of wickedness on the Asian continent. You could get drugs on hotel service and amazingly cheap and good sex. Lead by the British and French, Shanghai catered to