Top 5 most unusual Restaurants

5 most unusual Restaurants

5 most unusual Restaurants | You still think that nothing beats the good old fine dining restaurant to celebrate you wife’s birthday? Well, keep in mind that your best shot needs to be one that she’ll never forget. You better start looking for options … 5 most unusual Restaurants 1: Dinner in the Sky in

Top 7 dollar-friendly destinations

7 dollar-friendly tourist destinations: Bulgaria

Top 7 dollar-friendly destinations | The following seven cheap holiday destinations are not overcrowded yet. Most of the locations listed do not provide 5-star-standards in top notch regions. But if you don’t mind some rough edges, they might turn out to be your next diamond destinations …

World’s Cruelest Animal Attractions

worlds cruelest animal attractions

Minnesota dentist Walter Palmer made big headlines in 2016, when killing a famous male lion in Zimbabwe’s Hwange National Park. Trophy Hunting is by far the cruelest thing a tourist can do to an animal. But do you guess what’s the runner-up? Nowadays tourists travel great distances for a chance to see and interact with animals. And 80% are not even aware of the consequences for those animals involved.

Overcrowded Tourist Destinations

overcrowded tourist destinations

Overcrowded Tourist Destinations | In December, Disneyland in Los Angeles and Disney World in Orlando temporarily reached maximum capacity …

Dangerous Places for Tourists

running with bulls

Dangerous Places for Tourists | Imagine you are healthy, in good shape and not depressed at all. You are in a foreign country that is considered to be safe. What can happen? Nothing, unless you purposely go to these eight very dangerous tourist attractions: