How safe is Istanbul for Tourists?

Istiklal street istanbul

How safe is Istanbul for Tourists now? 2 1/2 years ago, this question immediately came up again after another terror attack at Atatürk Airport. Turkey in general is a very tourist-friendly country, and Istanbul in particular a popular tourist destination. The numbers of western tourists are staggering high despite all terror attacks in the past

Cool Places in Amsterdam

Cool Places Amsterdam

Cool Places in Amsterdam | Chili and Churp have been visiting Amsterdam for the first time in 2007, coming back very other year since then. A decade ago we thought it couldn’t possibly happen: Amsterdam can’t live up to the huge hype. We were veeery very wrong. Amsterdam is one of the most beautiful cities

Riding Giant Waves

Riding Giant Waves

Riding Giant Waves | It’s now 1 year ago (Nov 8, 2017) that big wave surfer Rodrigo Koxa took on a giant wave, created by a storm near the Portuguese village Nazare. At almost 24.4m (80ft), it is believed to be the biggest wave ever ridden by a surfer … Riding Giant Waves Rodrigo Koxa

Tourism in Albania

Tourism Albania

Tourism in Albania | Some things you can’t simply force by making up fake facts. Albania was recently mentioned as top destination by various high ranking media sources: New York Times, Huffington Post, Lonely Planet. But the truth is: things do not really go as planned in the Albanian tourist sector. The good news: Albania

Englands Stereotype Tourist Photos

england most stereotype tourist photos

Englands Stereotype Tourist Photos  | Planing a vacation in England, international travelers pretty much focus on London only. On Christmas Eve 2015 The Telegraph published an interesting heat map created by a London University student. It reveals London’s tourist attractions that are snapped most often on Flickr. The heat map is based on approx. 1 million

Weird Places: Ice Crystal Caves Iceland

Ice Crystal Caves Iceland

Weird Places: Ice Crystal Caves Iceland | Are you up for chasing some ice? At wintertime, when people in the northern hemisphere do anything but traveling, Iceland offers a rare tourist attraction: Between November and March ice caving tours are a popular treat for tourists. It’s the time of the year when ice caves are