Copenhagen city break

Copenhagen city break

Copenhagen city break | Why not? Denmark’s Capital Copenhagen is attracting tourists because of a cool city’s harbor, some stylish cultural activities here and there and award-winning restaurants …

10 Facts about Norway

10 facts norway

10 Facts about Norway | One needs to love the cold to enjoy Norway. Only then the country has one real piece of beauty to offer: nature!

Disappointing Travel Destination: Naples, Italy

Disappointing travel destination Naples Italy

Disappointing Travel Destination Naples Italy | This city has seen better days. Naples is more than 4000 years old, situated at the foot of Mount Vesuvius, base camp for Pompeji and Herculaneum, widely known for its piazzas, palaces, castles and museums …

Underrated Tourist Spots Bibury England

Underrated Tourist Spots Bibury England

Underrated Tourist Spots: Bibury, England | This spot is featured on the inside cover of all United Kingdom passports! Bibury is not just a village in Gloucestershire. It is a nationally notable architectural conservation area of the UK …

Underrated Tourist spots – Český Krumlov

Underrated tourist spots Cesky Krumlov

Underrated Tourist spots: Český Krumlov | Welcome to another perfect fairy tale town! Český Krumlov was first mentioned in the year 1240. In the late 15th century gold was found next to the town and German miners flocked in …

Top 10 Islands in the World: Mykonos

top 10 islands world mykonos

Top 10 islands of the world: Mykonos, Greece | Said to have been where Hercules killed the invincible giants, the island of Mykonos is steeped in some real mythological history. But this popular cruise ship stop, nowadays is more known for its raucous parties. That would certainly impress even Dionysus …