Tourism in Albania

Tourism Albania

Tourism in Albania | Some things you can’t simply force by making up fake facts. Albania was recently mentioned as top destination by various high ranking media sources: New York Times, Huffington Post, Lonely Planet. But the truth is: things do not really go as planned in the Albanian tourist sector …

Englands Stereotype Tourist Photos

england most stereotype tourist photos

Englands Stereotype Tourist Photos  | Planing a vacation in England, international travelers pretty much focus on London only. On Christmas Eve 2015 The Telegraph published an interesting heat map …

Where to stay in Paris

Where to stay in Paris

Ever tried to tackle Paris on a budget? It’s tough isn’t it! The City of Love doesn’t know cheap. Here are some valuable recommendations to make your stay in Paris at least bearable for your wallet …

Weird Places: Ice Crystal Caves Iceland

Ice Crystal Caves Iceland

Weird Places: Ice Crystal Caves Iceland | Are you up for chasing some ice? At wintertime, when people in the northern hemisphere travel southbound, Iceland offers a rare tourist attraction …

Copenhagen city break

Copenhagen city break

Copenhagen city break | Why not? Denmark’s Capital Copenhagen is attracting tourists because of a cool city’s harbor, some stylish cultural activities here and there and award-winning restaurants …

10 Facts about Norway

10 facts norway

10 Facts about Norway | One needs to love the cold to enjoy Norway. Only then the country has one real piece of beauty to offer: nature!