Cool Places in Amsterdam

Cool Places Amsterdam

Cool Places in Amsterdam | Chili and Chirp have been visiting Amsterdam for the first time in 2007, coming back very other year since then. A decade ago we thought it couldn’t possibly happen: Amsterdam can’t live up to the huge hype. We were veeery very wrong. Amsterdam is one of the most beautiful cities

Riding Giant Waves in Nazare, Portugal

Riding Giant Waves

Riding Giant Waves in Nazere, Portugal | On November 8, 2017 big wave surfer Rodrigo Koxa took on a giant wave, created by a storm near the Portuguese village Nazere …

Day trip to Meteora

Day trip Meteora

Day trip to Meteora | We think that one of the best tourist spots in Greece is Meteora. In the very beginning of May 2019 we went for a day trip to the Meteora Region …

Tourism in Albania

Tourism Albania

Tourism in Albania | Some things you can’t simply force by making up fake facts. Albania was recently mentioned as top destination by various high ranking media sources: New York Times, Huffington Post, Lonely Planet. But the truth is: things do not really go as planned in the Albanian tourist sector …

Englands Stereotype Tourist Photos

england most stereotype tourist photos

Englands Stereotype Tourist Photos  | Planing a vacation in England, international travelers pretty much focus on London only. On Christmas Eve 2015 The Telegraph published an interesting heat map …

Where to stay in Paris

Where to stay in Paris

Ever tried to tackle Paris on a budget? It’s tough isn’t it! The City of Love doesn’t know cheap. Here are some valuable recommendations to make your stay in Paris at least bearable for your wallet …