B&B Stadslogement Oudewater

B&B Stadslogement Oudewater, Netherlands | Sometimes photos don’t lie. Elegant properties like this one are hard to find and well booked in advance. The Asian invaders Chili, Churp, Ajean and Mdm Ong did check in at B&B Stadslogement Oudewater in April 2018. Our goal was having an accommodation in striking distance to Amsterdam (50 minutes)

Florence on a Budget

florence on a budget ponte vecchio

Florence on a budget | Florence has always been up high on tourists’ bucket lists. According to UNESCO, a third of the world’s art treasures reside in Florence. If that’s not a reason to go there. Florence was once the most important and richest city in the medieval era. In 1339 Florence became the first

Venice on a Budget

venice budget

Venice on a Budget | Made up of 118 little islands, intersected by 150 canals, and linked by 400 bridges, Venice easily makes it into Europe’s top 3 tourist destinations – joining Amsterdam and Paris. And that’s the reason why Venice is also one of the most expensive tourist spots. A gondola ride in the

Cheapest and most expensive Beaches in Europe

cheapest beaches europe algarve portugal

Cheapest and most expensive Beaches in Europe | Beach lovers listen up! The list is out again :) As every year in April, Britain’s Telegraph  published a ranking of Europe’s cheapest and most expensive coastal travel destinations. For four years in a row Sunny Beach in Bulgaria has been ranking as cheapest tourist spot. How does

How safe is Istanbul for Tourists?

Istiklal street istanbul

How safe is Istanbul for Tourists? One year ago, this question immediately came up again after another terror attack at Atatürk Airport. Turkey in general is a very tourist-friendly country, and Istanbul in particular a popular tourist destination. The numbers of western tourists are staggering high despite all terror attacks in the past years. Bombings in

Cool Places in Amsterdam

Cool Places Amsterdam

Cool Places in Amsterdam | Chili and Churp have been visiting Amsterdam for the first time in 2007, coming back very other year since then. A decade ago we thought it couldn’t possibly happen: Amsterdam can’t live up to the hype. We were veeery very wrong. Amsterdam is one of the most beautiful cities on