Hidden Places: Kotor, Montenegro

hidden tourist spots kotor montenegro

Hidden tourist spots Kotor Montenegro | Just two hours south of Dubrovnik lies Kotor in Montenegro. Kotor is by far the best preserved City in the region. It’s nicely hidden within brooding mountains but still has access to the Adria. That makes it a coastal town located in a secluded part of the Gulf of Kotor …

Hidden Tourist spots – Luxembourg

Hidden tourist spots-Luxembourg

The small country of Luxembourg is not known as a major tourist destination. But the old town of Luxembourg City can be quite charming. It got a number of pedestrianized streets for tourists to wander through …

Hidden Tourist spots – Dinant, Belgium

hidden tourist spots Dinant

Underrated tourist spots, hidden gems. While some tourist locations are simply loved to death, others still give you room to breathe. Starting today, eleven blog posts introduce you to hidden tourist spots, certainly a bit off the beaten path, still very much worth a visit. One recommendation per day. We start with Dinant in Belgium

Event Tourism Football Temples

event tourism football temples Borussia Dortmund BVB

Sport event tourism refers to those travelers visiting a location mainly to watch a sport event. The two events that attract the most tourists worldwide are the Olympics followed by the FIFA World Cup. But since both events only take place every four years, we have to look elsewhere to find the top 5 magnets for sport event tourists …

B&B Stadslogement Oudewater

B&B Stadslogement Oudewater, Netherlands | Sometimes photos don’t lie. Elegant properties like this one are hard to find and well booked in advance. The Asian invaders Achi, Achurp, Ajean and Aong did check in at B&B Stadslogement Oudewater …

How safe is Istanbul for Tourists?

Istiklal street istanbul

How safe is Istanbul for Tourists now? 2 1/2 years ago, this question immediately came up again after another terror attack at Atatürk Airport. Turkey in general is a very tourist-friendly country, and Istanbul in particular a popular tourist destination. The numbers of western tourists are staggering high despite all terror attacks in the past