Sin City Paris

Sin city Paris, Josephine Baker

Sin City Paris | In 2005 the Canadian TV channel CBC broadcasted a bunch of valuable historic documentaries about “naughty tourist magnets” of the 1920s. First example: Paris. Parisians ripped off the sufferings of World War I and threw one looong passionate party. Prostitution was legal and the brothel culture was very rich. The disregard

France from Above Castle Tour

France Castle Tour

France from Above Castle Tour | In France, is there anything worth visiting beyond Paris? Yes there is. The YouTube Channel “World From Above” tells stories through the eyes of a bird. It’s managed by a small group of people who are passionate about this project. One of the very best episodes so far might

Paris in 50 Minutes

Paris 50 minutes Cafe de Flores

Paris in 50 Minutes | The following video is a very nice HD 1080p clip from YouTube – giving you a Paris tour on a cold but at least partly sunny day in December. If you never make it to Paris, this is all you need to see. Enjoy the tour in a cosy warm

Paris Erotic within Limits

Paris erotic within limits | Famous for being the world’s #1 city of romance, Paris for sure has a naughty side to offer. And we are not talking about cheap brothels but legitimate erotic experiences with style and taste. What first comes to mind is most likely the French Cabaret at Molin Rouge – inventor of

Mothe Chandeniers Castle saved by crowdfunding effort

Mothe Chandeniers Castle saved by crowdfunding effort | The Loire Valley is a major French tourist destination. It stretches from Saint-Nazaire at the Atlantic Ocean to Orleans, 2 hours south of Paris. This region is famed for its vineyards, nature parks and castles. The latter do not include Château de la Mothe-Chandeniers … not yet.

Urban Beaches: Paris Plages

Urban Beaches Paris Plages

Urban Beaches Paris Plages | As every year, the right bank of the river Seine from Louvre to Pont de Sully has been converted into one of the best urban beaches in all of Europe. Sand gots imported into the area, beach chairs were set up, grass was laid down and boardwalk-style cafes and ice-cream