Germany’s Baltic Sea

germanys baltic sea

Germanys Baltic Sea | The Baltic Sea Coast of Germany is a popular vacation region – among Germans. International tourists are rare, mostly Swedish and drunk …

Visiting Berlin yes, but only in summer

visiting berlin yes summer

Berlin is not as romantic as Paris, not as old as Rome, and not as cool as Amsterdam. Still Germany’s capital offers enough to attract tourists from all over the world …

Top 10 Tourist Hot Spots in Germany

heidelberg bridge germany

10 Tourist Hot Spots in Germany | In large parts Germany is not worth it. Also, Germany does not even have nice weather. But ok, let’s start in Bavaria …

Things we did in Dresden

Things we did in Dresden

Things we did in Dresden, Germany | Dresden is a perfect choice if you consider visiting Berlin and Prague. Simply because it’s just a 2 hour ride either way, up north to Germany’s Capital or down south to the Capital of the Czech Republic. And on top of all that, Dresden is beautiful …

Things we did in Munich

This is exactly the view you get when checking on the Church of our Ladies from inside the Dallmayr Cafe. Photo by Chili.

Things we did in Munich | The capital of Bavaria is a perfect landing spot to start a Europe trip. Munich is located in Southern Germany – right in the heart of Europe – and it got an ok-ish international airport. Most tourists arrive in Frankfurt. We recommend Munich. Frankfurt has nothing to offer. In