Most remote travel destination Salar de Uyuni

Most remote travel destination Salar de Uyuni

Most remote travel destination Salar de Uyuni in Bolivia | Salar de Uyuni is just an overwhelming place, the world’s largest salt flat at 10,582 sqkm. Located up high in the Daniel Campos Province in Potosi, it will force you up an elevation of 3,656 meters above mean sea level to get a look at it …

Angel Falls Venezuela

angel falls venezuela

Getting there is not easy: Angel Falls Venezuela | Our second blog post introducing remote places is about the Angel Falls in Venezuela. Plenty of travel guides say that it is life threatening to visit these Falls. To get there you would have to enter Venezuela. This fact alone turns away 99% of potentially interested travelers …

Getting there is not easy: Easter Island

easter island chile

Getting there is not easy: Easter Island | Today we start another mini series of blog posts, introducing you to places that on one hand are worth a visit but on the other hand hard to reach, may it be due to remoteness, conflicts or missing infrastructure. Our #1: Easter Island, Chile …

Funny Peruvian Llamas

funny peruvian llamas

Peru is famous for Machu Picchu – a world heritage site located up high in a mountain ridge above the Sacred Valley – and … Llamas! Similar to sheep, domesticated llamas and their smaller relatives the alpacas also get shaved every once in a while. That’s common practice in large parts of Peru. Here are some funny snapshots of shaved Llamas and Alpacas – taken by tourists roaming around in Peru …

The Rock of Guatape

guatape rock

The Rock of Guatape (La Piedra Del Penol) | Looking for a nice underrated tourist destination? Try the area around Guatape in Colombia. It’s kind of remote up in the mountains, close to georgeous lakes and near to a fancy looking stone: the Rock of Guatape – South Americas famous monolith. Composed of quartz, feldspar

Volcano Boarding in Nicaragua

volcano boarding nicaragua

Volcano Boarding in Nicaragua | If you want to look like a Guantanamo inmate speeding down a volcano on a sled, climb up the Cerro Negro in Nicaragua. This volcano is just 160 years old and primarily made of small grains of black rock. It last erupted in 1999. Cerro Negro measures just 728m. The