Travel Gear: Drone X Pro

cheap drone

Best Travel Gear: Drone X Pro | Before you ask: No, it is no longer expensive. And yes: It fits into the side pocket of your trousers …

RFID Protected Wallets

RFID protected wallets

RFID Protected Wallets | There is an unpleasant trend growing fast: RFID scimming. And because it’s so easy to accomplish, sneaky fraudsters became very busy collecting credit card and passport information in broad daylight, by simply holding RFID readers next to your suitcase, pocket, jacket, whatsoever. But here comes help …

Best Hiking Shoes

best hiking shoes 2018

Best Hiking Shoes 2018 | Here is our wish list. Hiking boots should be not too bulky but rather lightweight, reasonably waterproof, tough, supportive, comfortable and over-the-ankle style. If you ever spread your ankles, you know why this is important. The contenders: Salomon, Merrell and Adidas. Some of the boots listed here are more pricy, some

Camping Headlamps Flashlights Torches

Camping Headlamps Flashlights Torches

Camping Headlamps Flashlights Torches | Let there be light! Today we jump into the category Camping Gear -> Lights. We’ll show you our favorite headlamp, pocket flashlight and camping lantern. And we recommend something pretty special too: USB-rechargeable AA batteries. Our first recommendation: Headlamp Camping Headlamps Flashlights Torches. The LE Headlamp is an LED based

Best Compact Cameras

Best Compact Cameras 2018

Best Compact Cameras | We want to settle with no less than 20 Megapixels and a decent zoom lens. A max. resolution of 4000×3000 would be great. All that below 250 gramm please and below $400. These are the contenders in todays review of the best mirrorless compact cameras: Canon Powershot SX730 (1) Canon Powershot

Wireless Noise Canceling Headphones

wireless noise canceling headphones sony

Wireless Noise Canceling Headphones are part of our Top Travel Gear List – ranking items that make traveling more comfortable. Long distance journeys are not always fun. A red eyes flight in the back of an A380 can be quite stressful due to constant airplane cabin noise. To cancel this out you might consider getting wireless