Guy Gear Shavers

Guy gear shavers compared

Travel Equipment: Guy Gear Shavers | Today we do a Shaver check. Shaver are good when they have (A) multi-directional flex heads – also called ‘Rotary Shavers’. That means: no one-blade shavers please! (B) a lithium-ion battery. Best with turbo charge option. (C) ‘Lift and Cut’ technology. Means: it works with two blades, one to lift and

Stylish Backpacks

Stylish backpacks | Array solar backpack from VoltaicSystems

Stylish Backpacks -> No. 1: Socko Stylish Backpacks | Our winner is ‘Socko’ from Brinch, because we think it gave us the highest return on investment. For $40 (34 Euros) you will get a very comfy piece of travel luggage – good for hiking, biking, college or your daily trip to the office. The laptop