Top 10 Inner Cities 2019

zhouzhuang china

The amount of historic inner cities still being fully in tact is low. Most city councils sacrifice their old architecture in order to to keep pace with the economic needs of their region. Still, against all odds some cities successfully resist this desire to destroy history for the sake of money …



Drainspotting | Whatever destination we do explore, we always hope to satisfy our drainspotting addiction, too. If a manhole or drain cover catches our attention we take a snap of the object of desire. Some drain covers are pretty spectacular, especially the older ones …

Travel the World with $100 per Day

travel world 100 dollars per day

Travel the world with $100 per day | You already made up your mind. You have an rough idea where to go and what to do. Now it is time to think about your travel budget …

Vacation that really matters

vacation that really matters

Taking a vacation that really matters | We are living in the hyper-connected age of smartphones, tweets and social newsfeeds. How do we take vacation? There are different flavors: (A) just taking time off at home, (B) travel for fun but semi-tethered to your digital devices, and (C) leaving home for a complete digital detox. Would you be capable and ready to opt into C?