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History of Tourism

Chili Churp – about us | We are Chili & Churp, bloggers and world travelers on a budget. With our blog posts we would like to encourage you to do the same. Our goal is to show you how to travel the world on your own, without tour operators, easily and safely. In our regular

Medical Tourism on the Rise

medical tourism south korea

Medical Tourism on the Rise | A heart bypass for $5,200? Not in the United States, but elsewhere! Although numbers are hard to get by, several indicators suggest that medical tourism is going thru the roof recently. Factors that have led to the increasing popularity of medical travel include the high cost of health care, long

Overcrowded Public Transport

overcrowded public transport

Overcrowded Public Transport | Tourists traveling outside the comfort zones of Northern America and Western Europe very often experience the weirdest things. Example: Transportation. If you rely on public transport, a journey from A to B in Africa might not always meet your standards. Ever travelled from Zanzibar’s Stonetown to the East coast of Zanzibar

World Traveler Lois Pryce

world traveler lois pryce

World Traveler Lois Pryce | A well sorted travel alphabet is not complete with an entry at the letter L for Lois Pryce. She is a professional world traveler and therefore one of our idols. Born in Aberdeen in 1973 she attended school in Bristol and has been living in London since 1992. Lois Pryce

Cape York Peninsula un-spoilt beauty

cape york peninsular crocodile eats crocodile

Cape York Peninsula Un-spoilt Beauty | Cape York Peninsula in North Eastern Australia is a large remote peninsula located in upper Queensland. Yes, we know: Australia in general and Queensland in particular have better places to offer than this mostly flat Eucalyptus scenery. But Cape York represents the largest area of wilderness in Downunder – one of

New York City Tourist Scam

New York City Tourist Scam | Due to high cost of living New Yorkers are forced to be an ingenious bunch to survive. Everyone is on a hustle. If there is money to be made, someone is already making it. Primary target: tourists. We all know that visiting New York City is expensive enough. Tourists