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Chili and Chirp – about us | We are Le Chili & La Chirp, bloggers and world travelers on a budget. With our blog posts we would like to encourage you to do the same. Our goal is to show you how to travel the world on your own, without tour operators, easily and safely. In our regular life we are both cubical workers at Deep Clean Services in Kuala Lumpur. But twice per year we escape this monotonous madness. Our first trip usually happens in March or early April. The second trip – the longer one – takes place in September. So far we did visit 31 countries on 5 continents.


Doing self-organized trips gives us the opportunity to do it our way at our pace instead of following tight highlights-only schedules generated by greedy travel agencies. We’ve really got a system down. We travel extremely lightly. It is about as bare bone as possible. We prefer to travel with hand luggage only – At least one way. On our way back home, La Chirp sometimes goes nuts and buys check-in luggage, stuffing it with a lot of stuff she bought overseas.

What are our travel blogs about? Mostly about hits and misses. Based on our experience, we want to be good online tour guides, putting together lists of hits for you. And of course we garnish our blog posts with some eye candy – photos that hopefully get you connected to the location emotionally. We want to help you to save money and to squeeze the most out of your time abroad. Nobody is sponsoring us. No news channel or big media did ever talk about us. We are not getting paid for writing good (or bad) about the properties we stayed in and the locations we visited.

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