Chinese Tourists Destroy Sites

Chinese Tourists Destroy Sites | What to do if your money wise important tourists destroy your site? You will have to take urgent action protecting your source of income. This is exactly what happens right now in Japan during “Sakura” – the cherry blossom season. A Chinese woman gatecrashed a restricted area at Tokyo’s Ueno Park, other Chinese tourists broke off flowers at Castle Park in Osaka. Japanese media now demands “Chinese-only” zones with preset photo spots because many Chinese visitors were seen picking cherry flowers, shaking trees and even climbing up trees.

Chinese tourists destroy sites
Chinese tourists destroy sites

Chinese tourists in general have a bad reputation worldwide. They are known for ignoring the customs of their host countries, some of them simply mistunderstand the phrase “all-you-can-eat”, others are incapable of acting properly with a buffet-style breakfast area. The cherry blossom incidents caused an echo in China’s version of Twitter (Weibo): One user posted: “Behaving badly at home is ruining your own reputation but doing it in other countries is destroying the reputation of China.” Another one added: “The worst calibre of international tour groups is Chinese. This is a fact Chinese people have to face and admit.”

But Chinese tourists also need guidance in their own backyard. In Changsha and Nanjing, Chinese were caught on camera shaking, climbing and kicking cherry trees to get the perfect snapshot.

Chinese tourist kicking cherry tree Chinese Tourists Destroy

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