Chinese tourists are different

Disneyland Shanghai
Chinese tourists are different. Disneyland Shanghai opened on June 16, 2016.

Chinese tourists are different. Disneyland Shanghai just learned it the hard way: Chinese tourists are different. Ok, not all of them. The majority behaves, but some simply trash it. The Shanghai Disney Resort is scheduled to open on June 16. Meanwhile Disney Town, located adjacent to the park, already opened to the public this Monday at China’s Labor Day. The behavior of visitors left a lot to be desired. Some have been filmed defacing Disney property, disposing trash anywhere, occupying landscaped areas, picking flowers from flowerbeds, scrawling “was here” along side lampposts, and urinating in public.

While littering may be a common problem in any kind of theme park, public defecation is not. The main Disney park hasn’t opened yet, and still got a few days to adjust the defense of its magic kingdom to this kind of invasion.

Chinese tourists misbehaving
Chinese tourists misbehaving in Disneyland Shanghai.

Chinese tourists defacing in publicChinese tourists defacing in public
Chinese tourists defacing in public

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