Countries to avoid in Asia

Countries avoid Asia
Countries to avoid in Asia: Yemen! This tree is unique to the Socotra archipelago, part of Yemen, located in the Arabian Sea. But don’t go there. Yemen is one of the most dangerous countries on earth.

Countries to avoid in Asia | Today we start a new mini series with three articles about countries to avoid as a tourist. Starting with Asia, we will hop to Latin America tomorrow and finish in Africa on Thursday. Discouraging you from traveling to a certain country does not mean that locals are generally hostile towards tourists. We rather blame the men in power for not serving their people properly.

Countries to Avoid in Asia: North Korea

Countries avoid Asia North Korea
North Korea. It can’t get much worse.

Countries to avoid in Asia: North Korea | Why? because of an unimaginably crazy government. People from East Germany might be the only ones able to understand the horrific situation in North Korea. Just don’t go there. You would support the current rulers with your tourist spending.

This is what you will miss out on: the Paekdusan Volcano and Mount Kumgang, both locations are actually very nice. Maybe in another life.

Avoid Afghanistan

Countries avoid Asia Afghanistan
Countries to avoid in Asia: Afghanistan.

Avoid Afghanistan | No part of Afghanistan should be considered immune from violence. Economically, Afghanistan is considered very poor. In the last 30 years the country has been in chaos due to major wars – from the Soviet invasion of 1979 to warlordism and the U.S. American invasion. Russians, Americans, Mujahideen, Taliban, Al-Qaida and IS-terrorists made this country a no-go for tourists.

This you miss: Panjshir Mountains – They are located in North East of Afghanistan. Very rough but beautiful landscapes.

Avoid Pakistan

Countries to Avoid: Pakistan
Countries to avoid in Asia: Pakistan.

Avoid Pakistan | Open the roof of a house, throw in some kalashnikovs, some radical thoughts, a dash of togetherness, close the roof and wait for what’s coming out the door. You will produce the most dangerous people on earth, because Pakistan people are behind in virtually every index. Pakistan features along with 17 countries from Africa and India. Give an uneducated person a gun, and you generate suicidal Al-Qaida-Taliban-IS-men-slaughtering terrorists. Don’t risk your life. Avoid these people.

This you miss: Neelam Valley, Hunza Valley, Swat Valley, Kaghan Valley, Kalash Valley.

Avoid Saudi-Arabia

Countries avoid Asia Saudi-Arabia
Avoid Saudi-Arabia.

Countries to Avoid in Asia: Saudi-Arabia | Due to a recent price decline for a barrel of crude oil over the last years from $92 to $42, the government of Saudi Arabia lost 50% of it’s future income. The country currently lives from its reserves, which might be eaten up within the next four years, if oil and gas prices do not go back up significantly soon. In other words: it’s boiling under the hood. Apart from this, for all those of you still planing to go to Saudi Arabia: traveling into the desert is extremely dangerous for foreigners – especially women – due to the ultra conservative culture of armed Bedouins. And keep in mind that tourists in Saudi-Arabia have no access to hospitals, not even in emergency situations and with possession of a health insurance.

This you miss: Masjid an-Nabi in Medina, Grand Mosque in Mecca, Black Stone in Mecca, Kingdom Centre Tower in Riyadh

Avoid Yemen

Countries to Avoid: Yemen
Countries to Avoid: Yemen.

Countries to Avoid: Yemen | Last in this list a heavy one. Don’t under estimate the dangers waiting for you in Yemen. Foreign Ministries of most countries worldwide advise against all travel to Yemen. Nobody will give any support or assistance to its citizens when in trouble in Yemen. Most embassies are closed. There is a high threat from terrorism throughout Yemen and specific methods of attack are evolving and increasing in sophistication. Avoid this country. Throughout the Old City of Sanaa spray painted slogans stain a labyrinth of ancient passages: “Death to America.” Tribal kidnappings are on the rise and foreigners were becoming lucrative commodities for al-Qaeda, which is headquartered in the country. Expats were whisked away at gunpoint from bustling commercial districts in broad daylight.

This you miss: Old City of Sanaa – one of the most beautiful UNESCO World Heritage Sites on earth.
Socotra Island – it contains some of the world’s most astonishing and unique plant forms. More than a third of the 800 or so species on Socotra Island are found nowhere else on this planet.
Shoab Beach – crystal clear water, dolphins, wonderful landscape.

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